Fellowship Opportunity – Phule Ambedkar Fellowship 2022 at Indus Action in Delhi

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Position Summary

The Phule Ambedkar Fellowship (PAF) is a cross functional and rotational role with field experience at its core where an individual gets to undertake strategic projects resulting in possible long term leadership roles on Indus Action’s mission.  

Through the project, the Fellow not only gets an understanding of the organization and the work that happens across functions but develops generalist skills across Partnerships, Technology and Organizational Development. The focus of the fellowship will be on Policy Implementation of PoWER (Portfolio of Welfare Entitlements and Rights). As a fellow, you will be visiting the field, meeting government officials and working across one/more defense functions at Indus Action.

Role Structure

Phule Ambedkar Fellowship is a 12-months full-time commitment. Fellows will be attached to an operational team in a zone to lead Samaaj operations in the state and a defense function as a point person. 

Defense: The 3 core defense functions in the organization are Learning Platforms (Strategy and Learning and Technology), Capital Partnerships(HR, Finance and Fundraising) and Public Partnerships (Advocacy, Branding and Communications). The function will be decided based on the Fellow’s interests and the requirements of the zone.

Zone: We have 3 zones, North, East and South. Fellows will be allotted a state, Delhi in North Zone and Chhattisgarh in East Zone where s/he will be given an opportunity to support lead state operations (Samaaj 3.5%) and involve in defense functions for the zonal projects.

Post the fellowship tenure, the Fellow may have an opportunity to move into a full time role (either zone or functional) with Indus Action, based on the fellow’s performance and Organization’s requirement.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Support the Samaaj team in the recruitment, onboarding and induction of champions.
  • Mentor cohort of community champions in the state Samaaj 3.5% chapter, including support in proposal submission for community projects aimed towards first mile delivery of welfare benefits and train them in understanding the theory of change of their community based dream projects.
  • Contributing to the creatio M&E frameworks to assess the quality of performance of champions within the program and subsequently when they run their projects.
  • Train samaaj champions in different ways of looking at problems of disadvantaged citizens, train them in capturing quality data and build their analytical faculties to make sense of qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Create a culture within the community champion to foster citizen-state engagement  for public service delivery.
  • Ensure a specific number of disadvantaged citizens access benefits through community champion interventions.

In the North zone, PAF will be the point of contact of Strategy and Learning function (Learning Platforms). 

  • Designing and managing data frameworks and workflows across the organization.
  • Analyzing program data and ensuring high quality of the data collected through periodic checks.
  • Standardize report formats and set up dashboards to share insights and analysis.
  • Engage with external organizations for advanced data analysis, when necessary, by defining objectives and tracking progress.
  • Design and manage Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks for the zone.
  • Support in setting up and managing systems that can help gauge impact and inform program implementation.
  • Engaging in brainstorming sessions with the team to identify problems and hypothesize causes and solutions with respect to the theory of change.

In the second half of the fellowship, PAF will have the opportunity to explore other verticals in the function as well.


Knowledge and Technical Skills:

  • Strong analytical (data/evidence gathering, analysis and interpretation, hypotheses framing and validation) and research capabilities
  • Strong project and operations management skills
  • Excellent written English/Hindi skills
  • Ability to break down complex concepts and ideas and communicate in colloquial and easy language.
  • Comfort with technology usage and software products
  • Strong google spreadsheet/ Excel capabilities

Good to have: STATS/ R proficiency

Competencies and Values:

  • Rigor and attention to detail
  • Time management, ability to keep calm during pressure situations
  • Ability to influence multiple stakeholders such as government machinery, private firms, civil society organizations and target beneficiaries
  • Result-driven and outcome focused-approach
  • Adaptable and flexible in working style
  • Empathy and understanding of socio-cultural and economic diversity in our spaces of interaction.

Education and Experience: 

  • We believe that reaching our vision demands that we have the best and brightest group of leaders working to lead our organization. Here are the minimum qualifications we look for:
  • Graduate (Post graduates can also apply)
  • Must have: Field/community engagement experience
  • Good to have: Fellowship experience
  • Minimum of  1- 2 years of work experience (Fellowship experience can be counted)

What will you get out of this role:

The PAF will get an opportunity to:

  • Manage a group of passionate individuals and mentor their journey to become community leaders.
  • Be part of designing and mentoring champions across the state chapter. 
  • Build an on-ground understanding of how policies are implemented across the country
  • Get mentored and coached by a diverse set of individuals
  • Dig in deep into various functions to explore interest areas
  • Upskill through mentorship and coaching by a diverse set of individuals across various functions



PAFs will be compensated based on Indus Action’s compensation benchmarking rubric.


The position will be based out of Delhi.

To apply for this job please visit indusaction.zohorecruit.com.