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We are looking for a motivated professional who believes in Kshamtalaya’s vision to bring compassion and well-being as a means to bring systemic change to the education system.

The well-beingpreneurs will be responsible for the planning and implementation of Project Hausla online with a batch of 20 teachers/educators per month, and a total of 100 teachers/educators over the period of the fellowship.

About Project Hausla

Hausla is one of our wellbeing promotion programs, which introduces tools and practices that help develop healthy habits in teachers to deal with daily stressors and pressures in a way that supports their overall wellbeing.

It is a 21 day wellbeing program that introduces resilience, interpersonal, and emotional intelligence skills to strengthen personal and interpersonal relationships as well as professional growth.

Role and Responsibilities

● Organize and support 100 teachers’ well-being spaces.

● Design and facilitate workshops with teachers

● Doing weekly check-ins with teachers

● Invest 30 hours per month.

● Understanding the problems of teachers while practicing wellbeing tools.

Note: The nature of work is online

Eligibility Criteria

● Candidates must be 18 years or above.

● They must be ready to give 30 hours per month.

● If you are already employed by an organization , you will need to present a statement from them confirming that they are aware of your participation in this fellowship.

● The five-day introduction program, which takes place in Udaipur from October 9 to October 14, requires candidates’ in-person presence.


There will be a stipend of Rs. 40,000 for the fellowship

For any questions, kindly contact: people@kshamtalaya.org

+91 8619774899/ +91 7073486788

To apply for this job please visit forms.gle.