Job Opportunity for Admin Team at The Convergence Foundation in Delhi

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About The Convergence Foundation

Ashish Dhawan is one of India’s leading philanthropists. He founded and ran one of India’s first private equity funds, ChrysCapital, and in the last decade has helped build successful institutions (for e.g., Ashoka University) and strategic foundations (for e.g., Central Square Foundation, which works on school education reform). More recently, these include organizations that are working on building a better understanding between India and East Asia, improving the performance of the public sector, solving the air pollution crisis, and improving the pipeline of leadership and talent in the social sector.

We have set up The Convergence Foundation to do this in an institutionalized manner – identify critical voids in the social sector and build strong, long-lasting organizations to solve complex problems.

In order to ensure that our organizations reach their maximum potential, The Convergence Foundation will work closely with each of the organizations and provide strategic support in a variety of ways: developing deep connections with the broader ecosystem (including the government, donors, and others influencers), recruiting best-in-class talent, establishing robust impact and outcome measurement processes and capacity, building a strong brand and network of champions, initiating cross-learning between organizations, and building fundraising capacity.

We aim to build 20+ new foundations in the next 15 years that will create impact at scale in the sectors they operate in. We are looking for smart, entrepreneurial, and mission driven people to join us on this journey.

Our Current Portfolio

  • Ashoka University (est. 2010)
  • Central Square Foundation (est. 2012)
  • Air Pollution Action Group (est. 2019)
  • India Leaders for Social Sector (est. 2017)
  • Centre for Effective Governance of Indian States (est. 2019)
  • ACT EdTech Ambition Fund (est. 2020)
  • Accelerate Indian Philanthropy (est. 2021)
  • Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology (est. 2021)
  • Circle In (est. 2022)
  • Foundation for Economic Development (est. 2022)
  • ChangeINKK (est. 2022)
  • Sports and Society Accelerator (est.2022)
  • The Infravision Foundation (est. 2022)

Position Summary

An administrative role is a position that involves providing support to a team or organization. This support can take many forms, but it typically involves tasks that help to keep the organization running smoothly. Some common responsibilities of an administrative role include managing schedules, coordinating meetings and events, maintaining records and documents, handling correspondence, and providing general support to other members of the team. In addition to these tasks, an administrative role may also involve managing budgets and resources, as well as providing assistance with special projects. Overall, the goal of an administrative role is to help ensure that an organization is operating efficiently and effectively.

Key responsibilities

Key responsibilities include but not limited to :

  • Managing schedules, including scheduling meetings and appointments for other members of the team
  • Managing the bookings and utilization of shared resources.
  • Coordinating events and meetings, including arranging logistics and managing invitations
  • Maintaining records and documents, including filing and organizing important documents
  • Handling correspondence, including drafting and responding to emails, letters, and other forms of communication
  • Providing general support to other members of the team, including answering questions and providing assistance as needed
  • Managing budgets and resources, including tracking expenses and ensuring that the organization has the necessary resources to operate effectively
  • Supporting in the smooth functioning of the office building by coordinating with the staff and various vendors.
  • Manage various vendors towards one time or continuous service provider.

Required Qualifications, Skills and Abilities

As an administrative person, strong organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to multitask and manage multiple priorities are a must. One should be able to think quickly to problem solve. Additionally, an administrative person should be proficient in using common office software and technology, such as email and calendar systems, word processing and spreadsheet programs, and database software.


Remuneration will be competitive with Indian philanthropy and social sector pay scales and will depend on the candidate’s experience levels


New Delhi, India

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