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ISDM is an institution founded to create, strengthen and establish Development Management, a domain that transcends the exclusive silos of ‘development perspectives’ and ‘management principles’. ISDM recognises the need to ‘professionalise’ the Leading and Managing of Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs). The institution sees the development space as requiring the application of management disciplines that are unique and tailored to the scale of the sector. Management that doesn’t merely retrofit Business Management to development projects, but one that is born specifically from the coming together of the two crucial domains.

By 2025, ISDM aims to become the go-to management institute for top professionals wanting to transform the development sector for a greater impact on people’s lives. In order to achieve this aim, ISDM has identified three broad focus areas:

  • Continuously building the one-year-long Post-Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM);
  • Creating a strong research function that will lay the foundations for Development Management and leadership as a unique domain and discipline;
  • Launching Strategic Capacity Building Programs aimed at influencing and upskilling middle to senior leaders in the social sector through special workshops, short-term courses, and customized convenings.

ISDM has audacious ambitions to build a world-class institution, become a global fountainhead of development management knowledge, and define the domain of development management for the Social Sectors. The belief is that Management for the Social Sectors (or Development Management) will significantly scale up the positive impacts on the lives of people in sustained ways. ISDM is entering a new phase of growth with a revamped program and renewed focus on establishing itself firmly as a preeminent institution in its domain. This requires strategic and energetic institutional leadership.

Job Description

Admission Counsellors will play a crucial role by effectively communicating with students, maintaining accurate records, and addressing issues. They will collaborate with teams to improve admissions outcomes, provide guidance on study options and financial aid, and contribute to increasing the visibility.

Admission Counsellor’s Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicate effectively with students and share relevant course details and other required information via mail and on call.
  • Maintains accurate documentation of students’ progress in the admission process.
  • Follow up with students to verify application issues, including discrepancies or missing information.
  • Work collaboratively with the team to review applicants and improve quality results.
  • Work on result-orientated follow-ups.
  • Inform and guide students on a course of study, financial aid, and scholarships.
  • Support in enhancing the visibility of the college to attract potential applicants.

Competences and skills preferred:

  • Empathy and Teamwork.
  • Strong Communication with the ability to deliver information effectively and persuasively.
  • Approachable personality.
  • Ability to connect with students.
  • Ability to connect with the family of the prospective students.

You must have:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Psychology/Counselling or any related field is preferred.
  • 2-3 years of experience in an entry-level position as an Admissions counsellor.
  • Functional knowledge of Microsoft Office tools or Google Suite.
  • Proven working experience speaking to young adults.
  • Ability to work extended hours during critical admissions seasons.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to deliver information effectively and persuasively.

Focus areas:

  • Student engagement, application support, financial aid, advising and counselling, data management, team collaboration, outreach and promotion.

This is a contractual role for six month’s duration.

Remuneration for this role will be commensurate with qualifications & experience. To learn more about us and apply, check out

ISDM is an equal-opportunity organization with a particular emphasis on affirmative action. The culture of the organization is one of professionalism while also one that greatly values relationships.

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