Job Opportunity for Associate at Swaniti Initiative in Hamirpur

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Position Name : Associate

Nature: Full time

Location: Hamirpur

Joining: Immediate

Overview of the project: 

Swaniti Initiative in collaboration with several civil society organisations will be providing technical assistance to mitigate the effects of climate change on the vulnerable sections by empowering the green livelihoods initiative

This is envisioned to be done by strengthening the existing schemes and programs implemented by the State that significantly contribute toward climate change mitigation. The larger vision of the programme also looks at how to make Himachal  Pradesh a leading State in renewable energy production and consumption while helping the State transition gradually towards more green technology. This is in line with the sustainable development goal of making India  a promoter of the use of clean and affordable energy. 

Job summary: 

Swaniti Initiative is looking for an enthusiastic and curious professional, who is eager to contribute to the development of the society by providing research inputs and help reengineering the schemes and programs  that contribute towards mitigating changing climatic conditions. The work will be focused around need  assessment, situation analysis, data analysis, brainstorming with relevant stakeholders and collaborating with  the like-minded organisations or systems functionaries. The associate may get an opportunity to make focused  interventions at the district level by working directly with civil society organisations. S/he will be acting as a  resource person for the project team and will report directly to the State Project Manager of Swaniti  Initiative. The position provides tremendous opportunity to get exposure to multiple domains while working  with community and reputed organisations.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • The Associate is expected to develop insights by collecting and analyzing data from the field research and assist the PM in formulating corresponding strategy for execution of the action plan regarding  the aforementioned targets. 
  • To develop insight papers for government agencies, partnering organizations and the funding  organization especially on the best practices, scopes and gaps in the transition of the district and state  from a fossil fuel run economy to a green economy. 
  • Act as a catalyst for the community and relevant stakeholders. 
  • Represent the organization on relevant platforms. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Masters in subjects like Sustainable development, Public  Policy, Rural Development/Statistics, Livelihood and Governance etc. 
  • At Least 2 years of work experience with minimum 1 years of prior working experience in integrated  projects of mitigating issues of livelihoods due to climate change etc. 
  • Excellent communication skills and writing abilities to draft policy memos, proposals and project reports  etc. 

Skill and aptitude required: 

  • Project Management 
  • Demonstrated ability to work in teams 
  • Critical thinking ability  
  • Problem Solving skills 
  • Proficiency in MS office and IT Tools 
  • Documentation skills 
  • Presentation skill 

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