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We are an international NGO that supports education systems to reignite intrinsic motivation so that every child, teacher and official is motivated to learn and improve. At a practical level, that means we support governments to reignite intrinsic motivation in teachers and local officials, through teacher networks. Our vision is a world where teachers love teaching and children love learning. Since 2012 we have reached 200,000 teachers and 6 million children across 70 districts in India and Uganda and have recently launched our programme in two districts in East Java, Indonesia.


We achieve this through a five-year learning partnership with an education system, where we align all levels of the education system (officials, teachers and children) around the goal of increasing intrinsic motivation.

Practically, this means that teachers undergo monthly network meetings with about 20 to 30 local peers. Through these meetings they’re supported to develop their practice in areas ranging from effective questioning to creating warm but orderly classroom routines – all designed to create a more effective relationship between the teacher and child. In doing so they develop a sense of autonomy (the sense they can change things), mastery (sense of getting better as a professionals) and purpose (reconnecting emotionally with their peers and students) – the key drivers of intrinsic motivation.

District officials undergo a training and coaching programme that motivates and supports them to prioritise, run and monitor the teacher networks and a close partnership with the state or national government enables the government to align this intrinsic motivation approach within their priorities, structures and systems.

The approach is run by the government from day one and after about five years of partnering with an education system we hope to have embedded a culture of improvement at all levels for the system to continue to strengthen itself. We typically allocate one member of our own staff per district to train, energise and coach the district officials running the approach, and a small team at the national or state level.


How we approach our work is as important as what we do and our core values guide the way:

Humility – We don’t have all the answers upfront.

Ownership – We empower each other with high expectations & support.

Openness – We will listen, learn and improve, and lead through obstacles.

Purpose – We’re united by a shared vision we’ll build & achieve together.


The Opportunity

The Senior Manager, Data Management, offers an exciting opportunity to lead the development and implementation of high-quality monitoring processes and systems in India, Uganda, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Brazil.

As Senior Manager, M&E, you’ll play a critical role to ensure smooth data collection through our mobile app, high-quality data processing, analysis, and user-friendly data visualisations.

The role will also entail close collaboration with programme heads to refine existing measurement frameworks and champion a data-driven culture in each geography.

You will lead our on-going explorations on innovative ways to leverage technology and open-source databases to understand programmatic progress at a larger scale by ensuring officials and teachers collect data systematically.

Lastly, as a senior member in the organisation you will contribute to the leadership team and ensure smooth collaboration between M&E and other functions in line with STiR’s values.

Please note that the data approach for M&E at STiR is constantly evolving as we learn more about the use of technology and its impact. We foresee that the roles and responsibilities described below may change as well.

Reporting, Roles and Responsibilities

The Senior Manager, Monitoring & Evaluation (Data Management) role can be based in any of our geographies in India namely Delhi, Bangalore or Chennai. There will be some travel within India and possibly to other locations to ensure our programme teams are set up to be able to easily collect and learn from data. The post will report to the Associate Director of M&E and will have line management responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities 


  • Ensuring Manager, Data Management and Manager, M&E – East Africa are set up to manage technology and processes related to smooth data collection, processing, and sharing back of data to enable a genuine data-driven culture
  • Developing and managing capacity building for programme teams in collaboration with Associate Head, M&E, to ensure that they follow data processes correctly and use data dashboards to inform their plans
  • Ensuring clear and regular processes to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders for
    refining of data processes, learning framework and tools for monitoring based on feedback from programme teams
  • Ensure information shared back is easy-to-understand and practically useful for programme and design teams to concretely take forward


  • Exploring new technology solutions to solve unique contextual challenges
  • Building consensus on our data-based technology strategy by developing hypotheses and testing plans in consultation with M&E team
  • Leading on regular updation of data systems and tools to ensure ease of data collection, analyses, and dashboards for use
  • Building close partnerships with vendors and service-providers to set-up, maintain and improve technology platforms
  • Ensuring prototypes and solutions function as intended, occur as per timelines and are geared towards meeting key user needs


  • Empowering the Manager, Data Management, by providing continuous support and opportunities for professional growth
  • Role-modeling effective ways of collaboration within, across teams and with external partners in-line with STiR values and
  • Participating and contributing as part of leadership team to deal with ambiguity, complexity and changes

Required Skills and Experience

As part of this role, the core competencies that we’re looking for include:

  • Post-Graduate or graduate degree/diploma in computer science or social science with a strong focus on data management and analysis skills.
  • 5+ years’ experience in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 2+ years’ experience leading the design and oversight of data processes and systems using large datasets
  • 2+ years’ experience of managing complex projects with multiple individuals – vendors, organisational partners and internal heads – with a track record of ensuring high-quality and timely deliverables. Skilled in project management within a matrix environment.
  • Some experience designing and implementing technology-based solutions for social initiatives.
  • Clear focus on technology as a tool to achieve social change rather than tech-first solutions.
  • Experience with managing a person/team is preferred
  • Oral and written fluency in English. Additional knowledge of Hindi, Tamil, or Kannada is preferred.

Technical Expertise

  • The ideal candidate has managed designing, implementing, and refining end-to-end data management systems – from data collection, processing, analysis and visualisations (using platforms like Zoho, Data Studio, PowerBI or Tableau).
  • 1+ years’ experience in using/managing SurveyCTO data strongly preferred.
  • Database management skills, and strong proficiency of Excel (including Macros, GoogleApps Script) and other technical software related to database management and analysis.
  • Prior experience with BigQuery/SQL is required. Knowledge of R and/or Python preferred.

Personal Qualities Required For The Role

We expect a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit to connect data and technology with programme objectives to innovate how we collect, process, analyse and share data and strengthen our impact.

The key responsibilities for the role are described below:

  • A team player with ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with multiple internal functions and external technology partners
  • An interest in behaviour change, user experience, product development and management is beneficial
  • Open minded to seek and incorporate feedback from different functions and platform users
  • Being comfortable with change and ambiguity
  • Ability to see the big picture and core process objectives
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision as per timelines

Remuneration and Benefits

A consultancy fees of ₹ 124,036/- per month (₹14,88,432/- per annum) will be paid for your service (subject to relevant taxes at source.), along with Medical Insurance for yourself, spouse and up to two children.

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