Job Opportunity for Business Analyst at Fernandez Foundation in Hyderabad

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FERNANDEZ FOUNDATION is committed to taking forward its legacy of leadership in healthcare through excellence and compassionate service, in the spirit of inclusion and justice; in being respectful toward every human being and upholding their dignity at every stage of life.

All the institutions established under the Foundation’s aegis also conform to these values. Our activities encompass different areas – Healthcare, Child Development, Advocacy, Education, Innovation and Research – with a focus on ensuring respectful and equitable care and a life of dignity for women, the new-born, and children. At Fernandez, we believe that these are the birth right of every woman and child.

Job Description :

– The job spec for a healthcare business analyst can vary considerably from one health organization to another. That said, most listings for this position share some common responsibilities, including but not limited to:

– Gathering, organizing, and evaluating relevant information, such as financial statements, vendor contracts, and Electronic Health Record System specifications.

– Communicating with internal and external stakeholders and conducting interviews as necessary to understand current practices and determine possible areas for improvement.

– Analyzing company revenue, profits and losses, along with current employment levels, to make recommendations about how to realize savings and make business process improvements.

– Drawing up alternative plans and solutions for possible implementation, e.g., zeroing in on a new Electronic Health Record System provider or recommending technology to help with system interoperability.

– Assisting with project management at multiple stages, including the research, testing and implementation of new systems and products; may also guide software development.

– Performing technical tasks such as creating business requirements documents, user training manuals and guides, and requirements traceability matrices.

– Delivering written and verbal presentations to an organization’s leadership to communicate key findings and updates on business process adjustments.

– Conducting in-depth data analysis, using spreadsheets or more specialized tools such as project management software and traceability solutions.

– Periodically reviewing the progress of any recommended and implemented changes to see if they’re still on track, and repeating the above steps as needed to ensure continuous improvement.

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