Job Opportunity for Consultant Clinical Psychologist at SNEHA in Mumbai

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A secular, Mumbai-based non-profit organisation, SNEHA believes that investing in women’s health is essential to building viable urban communities. SNEHA is 450+ person strong, innovative and progressive organization that works on health and nutrition in urban slum pockets with women and their families. SNEHA follows the life-cycle approach to health and nutrition, by intervening at critical junctures (adolescence, preconception, conception, pregnancy, postnatal, infancy and toddlerhood, family planning) to ensure improved health and nutritional outcomes for women and children living in some of Mumbai‟s most vulnerable and deprived slums and in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) as well.

SNEHA recognises that, in order to improve urban health standards, our initiatives must target both care seekers and care providers. We work with communities residing in informal settlements to empower women and communities to be catalysts of change in their own right and collaborate with existing public health systems and health care providers to create sustainable improvements in urban health. We have currently 11 programs running across SNEHA which are Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH), Child Health and Nutrition (CHN) – Aahar, Empowerment, Health and Sexuality of Adolescents (EHSAS), Prevention of Violence against Women and Children (PVWC) (e) SNEHA Centre, SNEHA Shakti, Healthy Cities Project (HCP), Samagra, Palliative Care, Livelihood Generation, Central Operations, Research and IM.


SNEHA‟s Program on Prevention of Violence against Women and Children (PVWC) aims to develop high‐impact strategies for primary prevention, ensure survivors‟ access to protection and justice, empower women to claim their rights, mobilise communities around „zero tolerance for violence‟, and respond to the needs and rights of excluded and neglected groups. The Program prioritizes enhanced co ordination of the state response to crimes against women through a convergence approach that works with government and public systems to reinforce their roles in assuring basic social, civil and economic security.

In collaboration with University College London, the Program is working on a major cluster randomized controlled trial (cRCT) testing the effects of community interventions for primary and secondary prevention of violence against women and girls. In informal settlements of Mumbai, we are testing the effects of community mobilization through groups and volunteers to prevent violence against women and girls. In India, 29% of women report physical violence in the last year, 7% sexual violence, and 30% multiple forms of violence, causing physical, mental, societal, and economic harms. Reviews suggest community mobilisation as a promising approach, but there have been few large enough trials of prevention programs. Our community intervention has been developed over 16 years of programmatic experience and two years of preparatory research, and our understanding of its effects is encapsulated in a theory of change. We will compare 24 areas receiving support services, community group, and volunteer activities with 24 areas receiving support services only, primarily in terms of effects on occurrence of intimate partner violence and domestic violence in the last year. We will also examine disclosure of violence to support services, community attitudes to violence, bystander intervention, gender equality, and occurrence of non-partner sexual violence. Backed by public engagement, advocacy, and open publication, our vision is of a replicable community-led intervention to address the public health burden of violence against women and girls.


The clinical psychologist will provide clinical interventions to women facing mental health conditions at the counselling centre in TARA intervention areas. The role will involve psychological testing, administration of a battery of tests that help in diagnosis of psychological, personality and clinical disorders. The role entails case work interventions ascertaining the prognosis of the women‟s situation and defining the intervention plan with reference to counselling and mental health interventions to be followed up. The clinical psychologist requires in-depth knowledge on therapeutic interventions and skills to ensure timely referral to appropriate facility for further management and treatment of condition.

They must demonstrate specialised knowledge and possess expertise in the specific issues that a woman may face, and know how to deal with them in the most effective manner. They must possess Knowledge of psychological theory and practice, an ability to relate to and empathise with a range of people, good team working skills, excellent communication skills, demonstrate sensitive listening and questioning skills.

The Clinical counselling psychologist reports to Associate Program Director and will take inputs from the Program Director in the intervention of complicated mental health cases.


Wadala and Kurla


Work package 1: Clinical and counselling interventions

  • Providing counselling interventions to women facing domestic violence, intimate partner violence, mental health conditions and requiring immediate attention
  • Conducting clinical assessment by interviewing women looking at their medical records and clinical observations
  • Administering psychological testing to diagnose psychological, emotional or behavioural disorders amongst women facing violence
  • Designing behaviour modification programs after diagnosing the problem
  • Devising, developing and implementing therapy or treatment for individual women, couple or  family
  • Observing, monitoring and testing the right therapy for its effectiveness
  • Steer the workshops client experiences to facilitate meaningful discussions

Work package 2: Support counselling and field interventions

  • Handholding and supporting the intervention team in conducting screening and assessment of mental health conditions in community
  • Coordination with community teams to ensure comprehensive care
  • Make home visits along with the field teams during the times when client is unable to visit the counselling centre
  • Co-facilitate sessions with Counsellor

Work package 3: Documentation and reporting

  • Maintaining accounts and keeping records of a client’s progress
  • Maintain documentation required in the project; preparation of tables and charts in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Make analysis of the client records and keep APDs informed of the emerging trends
  • Participation and contribution to the other activities and events of the TARA project of PVWC Program.


  • Effective coordination with team members: setting clear expectations, tracking progress of the women
  • Ability to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders in the field.
  • Work according to the ethical standards of the project and the organisation.
  • Networking and coordination with facilities supporting for therapy and treatment
  • Clinical psychologist reports and keeps both the APDs updated of their work


  • Educational qualification: Master‟s Degree or higher in a relevant field (Clinical Psychology or Mental health) from a recognised institution.
  • At least 3 years work experience in the area of clinical psychology
  • Experience of working in a community setting is preferred.
  • Experience of working in sector of gender, gender-based violence will be an advantage
  • Effective training skills and excellent communication skills, including documentation.
  • Well-versed in database management, data collection, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
  • Oral and written command of English and Hindi.


1. Strong skills of testing, assessment and therapy

2. Skills in working on women centric issues

3. Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to be humble is required

4. Understanding the woman from her culture of marginalized urban settlements will be important

5. Working with the Coordinators and Counselors as a team

Contract end date: 28 February 2023

Number of hours per month: 32 hours (8 hours in a week i.e. four hours for two days)

Fees Upto – Rs 10,000/- per month

Applications to be sent via email to with Subject line: “CONSULTANT CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST”

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