Job Opportunity for Embedded Firmware Engineer at Sukriti in Gurgaon

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Responsibilities and Duties

Person would be responsible for one or more of the following:

  • Circuit-Designing for the given task
  • Detailed hardware testing.
  • QA/QC testing of HW
  • Software testing and development
  • Field calibration, supervision and commissioning.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

Technical Skills Needed:

  • Experience in field of embedded system designing. Any experience in sanitation sector would be highly preferred.
  • Strong fundamentals of electronics (Digital and analog) are must.
  • Well versed with circuit designing and HW debugging
  • Analog and Digital Circuit designing: familiarity with micro-controllers, memories, communication interfaces, op-amps, comparators, relays, inductors and capacitors, Handling EMI and Noise issues associated with circuits.
  • Able to work on OrCAD17 or higher or any other tool.
  • Familiar with usage of various LAB instruments like CRO, multimeter etc.
  • Experienced in embedded-C coding, memory allocations.
  • Experience with any RTOS designing preferably with FreeRTOS at least with Semaphores, SW Timers, synchronisation and event handlings, task handling and prioritization.
  • Understanding of micro-controller architecture, programming and debugging methodologies, interrupt-handling.
  • Experience with any of the IDEs and debuggers for ARM architecture.
  • Basic understanding of assembly programing of ARM architecture.
  • Understanding of basic peripherals like UART, CAN, I2C, Timers, Counters, PWMs, ADCs, DAC.
  • Understanding of Ethernet, wifi-modules will be preferred.
  • Understanding of scientific methodologies of experimentation, data-gathering and interpretation and hypothesis.
  • Understanding of basic architecture, debugging of sensors.
  • Experience/knowledge in IoT devices (sensor, gateway, cloud) handling.
  • Able to read the schematics and debug and design HW.
  • Able to work on OrCAD17 or higher.
  • Experience on MS-Office.

General Skills Needed:

  • Candidate must have a knack to use his/her technical knowledge to give it back to society.
  • Candidates must be open to work with communities to get feedback on product features so that products are best fit for social upliftment.
  • Candidates must be open to travel to needy communities.
  • Open to work in open startup culture and give his/her 100%.
  • Analytical reasoning and fact-based brainstorming capabilities will be highly preferred.
  • Technical problem-solving skills using a systematic approach.
  • Ability to communicate ideas and flows through sketches and wireframes.
  • Real curiosity for user experience and delight
  • Ability to work closely with different teams to see end-to-end implementation of features/products

Job Type: Full-time
Experience: 1-4 yrs
Mode of selection: assignment + F2F interviews
Location: Gurgaon

Please feel free to reach out in case of more information/any queries.

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