Job Opportunity for Executive Assistant To CEO at Quest Alliance in Bengaluru

Website Quest Alliance

Key Responsibilities

Event Management

  • Assist in managing key events like Q2L, Staff Meeting, External Facing Events, including venue selection, vendor coordination, and transportation arrangements.
  • Ensure all necessary equipment, materials, and supplies are available for events.
  • Be present during events to provide on-site support, troubleshoot issues, and coordinate event activities.
  • Maintain databases and records related to event planning and execution.
  • Assist in event marketing efforts, including coordination for creating promotional materials and social media, and coordinating with Marcomm teams.

Administrative Support

  • Arrange and manage travel plans for the CEO, including booking flights, accommodations, transportation, and visa processing if required.
  • Coordinate hotel reservations ensuring timely bookings and adherence to company travel policies.
  • Maintain and update executives’ calendars, schedule appointments, and ensure efficient time management.
  • Attend and document meetings, including recording minutes, action items, and follow-up tasks.
  • Facilitate effective communication by managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, emails, and phone calls.

Communication Management

  • Manage the CEO’s presence on external online platforms, such as social media, by creating and curating content, responding to inquiries, and enhancing the CEO’s online brand.
  • Maintain and archive internal-facing knowledge platforms, ensuring organized and easily accessible information for team members.
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between teams by providing support for project updates, information sharing, and status reporting.
  • Attend conferences, webinars, and meetings on behalf of the organization, summarising key takeaways, and action items, and sharing insights with relevant teams.
  • Maintain and update a comprehensive contact management database, including contact information, preferences, and communication history.
  • Organise and manage documents, reports, and files related to communication and knowledge management.
  • Collect feedback from internal teams to continuously improve communication strategies and knowledge management processes.

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