Job Opportunity for Lead Teacher at Akanksha Foundation in Mumbai/Pune

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The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide children from low income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. Akanksha works primarily in the field of education, addressing formal education by initiating school reform through its School Project. Currently, Akanksha reaches out to the 9800 children through its 21 schools in Mumbai and Pune.

Position Summary: The role of a Lead Teacher forms a critical part of Akanksha’s ecosystem of support within the school. Lead Teachers are key drivers of the school’s SDR goals. Within classrooms, they work as aspiring transformational teachers and within the school they are instructional leaders supporting and mentoring other teachers towards one key outcome: placing students on fundamentally different life path.

Additionally, they are operating as builders of culture, deliberately setting the culture among the school team as well as modeling that culture.

You will be reporting to the School Leader/ Assistant School Leader.

What your role will entail

Teacher Support (60%)

  • To lead a grade level and/ or subject level cluster combination (group of 6-7 teachers max) and to formally mentor and coach cluster by setting goals, conduct frequent observations, provide feedback and monitor progress in the form of review of unit/weekly lesson plans as per expectations set by school leadership (including bi-annual performance appraisals)
  • To hold individual co-investigation and mentoring debriefs with specific teachers. Their aim will be to address key levers and targeted professional and personal development.
  • To work with School Leadership team to plan and execute weekly or monthly professional development workshops for school team in alignment with school goals.

Teaching responsibilities (30%) –

  • Teacher Leaders have the opportunity to continue their work in the classroom (A maximum of 12 teaching slots in a week) and develop their potential to become master teachers. For the amount of time they spend in the classroom they are expected to discharge all responsibilities as expected from an Akanksha teacher related to – Curriculum Implementation & Planning and Building classroom and school culture

Operational Support (10%) –

  • To plan and execute key daily routines and systems such as assembly, student entry and exit, lunch routines, smooth transitions and or other necessary tasks as defined by the School Leader.
  • To manage and execute specific projects aligned to the school’s goals and vision as determined by the school leader. These may include: managing and analyzing data, handling secondary school requirements, managing and implementing a fair disciplinary system, following up on teacher deliverables.

Personal & Professional Development (Transformational teacher) –

  • To vigorously seek training opportunities and professional development resources, from both within and outside of Akanksha to transform the lives of the students.
  • To actively research best practices from other contexts and implement them within their classrooms and extend support teacher teams to document best practices as well as unit and lesson plans that can be shared across the school and across the network.
  • To meticulously note and track student progress within the classrooms. TLs will share learnings and reflections from their classrooms with others.
  • To design and implement professional development opportunities for the grade/subject cluster as well as the whole staff based on needs and the school’s goals.
  • To actively participate in all school and organization trainings that will be laid out at the beginning of the academic year (including new hire inductions and summer school), meetings, sessions, events and other network opportunities.

What do you need for this position:

● Bachelor’s/Post Graduate Degree and/or a Bachelor’s Degree in Education will be preferred

● Minimum 2 years of teaching experience.

● Experience working with adults in a professional capacity preferred

● Experience in the development sector is an added advantage

● Knowledge of child development

● Pedagogy and Curriculum with strong content knowledge in 1-2 subject domains

● Planning and execution skills

● Self-awareness/continuous learning

● Critical and objective thinking, problem solving, resilience

● Data based decision making

● Highly motivated, persevering, achievement-oriented attitude

● Strong interpersonal skills and flexibility in planning and working with a team

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Fluency in English Language

● Knowledge of Hindi and Marathi language will be preferred

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