Job Opportunity for Manager; Branding, Partnerships and Sourcing at Teach for India in Mumbai

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Position Summary

Reporting to: Regional Lead; Branding, Partnerships, Sourcing  

Branding, Partnerships & Sourcing lies at the very start of the Recruitment and brand building process, and hence plays a very critical role in attracting high quality, and right fit talent for our movement. The Recruitment Manager (RM) will oversee brand presence and penetration by securing engagements in top institutions across the region and creating a diverse ecosystem of ambassadors and advocates within colleges, corporates and youth hubs. Finally, they will inspire the brightest of minds across a region to consider our Fellowship Program as an aspirational career path.  

Note: This role will be an on-ground role that will involve travel, including in-person time with relevant stakeholders, meetings with high potential candidates, and conducting events at different venues.

Team Overview

The Recruitment team advocates to get the greatest leaders into our classrooms to ensure Teach For India’s multiplied impact on the Indian education system. The team has the responsibility to influence the future lifepaths of tens of thousands of young people to make the bold choice of doing something for the India that they always dreamed of. As an external-facing team, we build the brand, visibility and aspiration of Teach For India through engagement with the top institutions of the country, media partnerships, branding and promotion campaigns. The team creates strong champions for the movement by identifying, investing and leveraging influencers, and nurturing partnerships with college and corporate stakeholders. The team provides avenues for prospective applicants to meet with Fellows, Alumni, Staff and Students. Internally, the team works alongside several teams to ensure that the organisation acts as one team in its mission to find our movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequity and ensure that all children attain an excellent vision. 


As a Manager; Branding, Partnerships and Sourcing

  • Strategy planning and execution:Create a compelling regional/portfolio vision and strategy towards increasing brand visibility across key institutions.
  • Design and execute recruitment campaigns/engagements/presentations in colleges, corporates, youth hubs etc. to attract the best and the brightest leaders towards our program.
  • Conceptualise program(s) for early immersion by partnering with organizations to engage students early with the intended outcome of having them join the Fellowship 1-3 years down the line.
  • Identify projects, stories, and messages that are engaging, motivating, and high quality, and which communicate impact and showcase the work of the organization.
  • Institutional and Stakeholder Engagement:Conduct primary and secondary research to deeply understand the various institutions in the region.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders at institutions (e.g. faculty members, career service representatives, presidents of clubs, etc).
  • Create customised engagement plans for each institutions.
  • Execute an annual stakeholder summit to immerse them in our mission and movement.
  • Regularly close the loop on progress made, and course correct as necessary.
  • People & Process Management:Identify and manage a team of Campus Leaders, who will serve as brand ambassadors at a range of prioritised colleges or corporates. Manage a systematic strategy to enable their effectiveness and growth.
  • Set and manage strong systems and processes for maintaining consistent operations.
  • Ensure monitoring & evaluation mechanisms to keep track of progress.
  • Conduct quarterly reports to understand progress made and course corrections.
  • Use salesforce effectively for documentation as per team guidelines.
  • Team builder:Take ownership of team members’ learning and growth by providing and seeking timely insights and feedback.
  • Support other sub-verticals within the team with their efforts on an ongoing and need basis.
  • Dedicate time towards being a Selector to internalize Teach For India’s model philosophy.

As a Manager at Teach For India

  • Contributing to the team goals and priorities beyond individual goals and priorities.
  • Serving as an ambassador of the Teach For India brand and an advocate for our work and for educational equity in our country through both internal and external communication after commiting time in our classrooms to understand our work more deeply.
  • Supporting with key organizational areas such as Recruitment, Selection, Fundraising, Volunteering, Movement Building. 

Minimum Qualifications, Experiences and Expectations

  • 2-3 years of professional experience.
  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in any field.
  • A deep belief in Teach For India’s vision, mission, and core values.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Teach for India Fellowship Program.
  • Goal orientation and ability to meet targets/deadlines.
  • Ability to conduct market research.
  • Strategic planning and decision making.
  • Stakeholder management: building relationships and investing people.
  • Exceptional communicator: strong presentation, persuasion skills, authentic, discover win-wins.
  • Operational excellence to manage multiple institutions at the same time.
  • Thinking on one’s feet and quick learner.

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