Job Opportunity for Manager – Finance & Accounts at Swasti in Bengaluru

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About Swasti: Swasti is a health catalyst and an international health resource centre that catalyses solutions for the health and wellbeing of underserved and marginalised communities. Swati is part of the Catalyst Group. More details on

Role: As the Manager – Finance and Accounts of Swasti, the primary role is to influence Swasti’s strategic outcome, by aligning the finance and accounts policies, systems and processes to the overall Strategic Plan. The role will implement and contribute to the finance and accounts policy and operations, and ensure process and systems compliance, under the guidance of the Governing Body. The core responsibilities are –


  • Design and develop various financial systems and processes
  • Design and develop budgeting formats
  • Design and develop financial workflows
  • Design, develop and maintain financial management information

Delivers on:

  • Finalization of books of accounts and preparation of financial statements
  • Cash flow management
  • Building capacity of the team on budgeting, financial and MIS reporting
  • Building and nurturing talent to develop the next line of managers
  • Supporting in audits (internal and external), FAS and filing statutory returns
  • Supporting in managing grants and reviewing financial transactions
  • Ensuring compliance to the relevant statutory processes
  • Exception reporting
  • supporting in finalization of book of accounts

Reports to: The CFO, or any Manager, depending on the level of experience

Interacts with and is influenced by: the CEOs (Swasti and other Group organisations), members of the Governing Body, Audit Accountability and Transparency Committee (AATC), Strategy2Results (S2R) team, Thematic and other Enabler leads, and their respective teams

Influences: the Reporting Officers and all the employees of the organization.

Age and Gender: No restrictions

Qualification: Ideally a post-graduate with knowledge and skill in finance and accounting systems and processes

Desired Experience:  Minimum of 5-10 years experience of Finance and Accounts Management in the social development sector


  • In-depth knowledge of designing and implementing various financial processes, systems and policies
  • Of various financial management tools and accounting software, and application to the specific needs of the organization
  • Of industry/sector best practices, and application to the organization
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant laws to ensure statutory compliance.


  • Relationship building which will help to work with thematic experts, stakeholders, experts etc, and managing expectations at all levels
  • Proficiency in the use of financial management tools and familiarity with accounting software. Working knowledge of using ERP/MIS tools is an added advantage
  • Application of financial management knowledge in a development sector context
  • Analytical skills to report financial data, and influence all stakeholders with data
  • Maintaining high levels of integrity and handle sensitive and confidential data

Work Ethics

  • Timely delivery of tasks with focus on quality and consistency.
  • Must work with a sense of urgency.
  • Is expected to stand up for what is accepted as ethical practices.
  • Will invest in self development and demonstrate that investment in work norms and outputs.
  • Willing to work in a focused manner in nurturing and building talent i n the Finance vertical.


The role is seen by the organization as being critical to achieving its strategic plan. The ideal incumbent is –

  • Able to manage all the finance and accounting functions as demanded by the role
  • Able to manage pressure and to assess and absorb information quickly
  • Open to new ideas and ways of doing work and achieving results
  • Demonstrate a degree of creativity
  • Open to flexibility in working hours
  • Able to build and sustain relationships both within the organization, and the Catalyst Group organizations, and outside
  • Demonstrates passion towards the organization’s cause

Geography: Would be based at the Swasti Head Office in Bangalore.

Travel: Need-based


The incumbent will be assessed by the reporting officer on the accomplishment and delivery of all components described.

The measurement will also include demonstrated elements of commitment, passion, accountability, ideation, flexibility, accessibility, and system and process management as well as the expected work ethics.

Growth Opportunities

The organization has an open policy of growth based on opportunity, demonstrated personal growth, and personal aspirations. It is not a norm that growth will take place vertically only. Growth is also seen as the organization being more inclusive in the incumbent’s involvement in strategic organization growth. This position can

  • Be part of the Synergy Excellence Assurance and Leveraging (SEAL) unit, which operates at the Group level
  • Grow horizontally, in terms of providing support to the finance and accounts teams of the other Group organizations as they exist today or may come up in the future (Ex: Swasti Senior Manager – F&A can have an additional charge of overseeing or supporting the finance and accounts functions of CMS or Vrutti), or have an external facing role, in terms of developing finance as a practice area for other organizations in the development sector (by taking up consulting assignments)
  • Grow vertically, in terms of being absorbed to the Governing Body

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