Job Opportunity for Manager Impact – Project Data Analysis at Educate Girls in Rajasthan/UP

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About the Organization: Established in 2007, Educate Girls’ is a non-profit that focuses on mobilizing communities for girls’ education in India’s rural and educationally backward areas. Strongly aligned with the ‘Right to Education Act’ or the ‘Samagra Siksha’, Educate Girls is committed to the Government’s vision to improve access to primary education for children, especially young girls.
Educate Girls (EG) currently operates successfully in over 20,000+ villages in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh with a strength of 2200+ employees & 13000+ volunteers (Team Balika). By leveraging the Government’s existing investment in schools and by engaging with a huge base of community volunteers, Educate Girls helps to identify, enroll and retain out-ofschool girls and to improve foundational skills in literacy and numeracy for all children (both girls and boys). This helps deliver measurable results to a large number of children and avoids parallel delivery of services.

We are currently expanding our primary operations through Partnership Cells i.e we will enter new geographies through partnerships with other local NGOs. A Special Project team will be responsible to manage these partners. The said position is part of this new Project team.

Overview of the role:

The role will be responsible for performing the analysis of data collected across the project and running various mathematical calculations to determine how the data samples might best be applied to improve existing project practices. The includes – Evaluating risk and culling statistical information to determine whether the measures taken by the organization are beneficial or not, presenting data in charts, graphs, tables to ensure easy interpretation of complex data, developing relational databases for collecting data, Importing, collecting, transforming, validating or modeling data to facilitate understanding and informed decision making.

Areas of Responsibility:

Analyze Data:

• Analyze Data

• Gathers information from various sources to help better understand the problem situation

• Studies and Analyses the data to discover potential improvement areas for a given problem

• Identify and interpret patterns and trends, assess data quality and eliminate irrelevant data.

Report Results

• Communicate the results of analysis as a comprehensive report to decision makers

• Design the entire report and include tools that will help decision makers understand the data easily such as statistics, graphs, images and lists.

• Distribute the report via shared software, email, chat, or online or a face-to-face meeting presentation.

• Offers multiple potential solutions

Data Management

• Provide database design and management services

• Make database design recommendations.

• Collect data to improve or expand databases.

• Enter the information into data systems using manual key-entry or scanning technology and

• Delete any duplicated, outdated or irrelevant information.

Other Duties

• Train employees in new procedures or protocols

• Assist with the installation, operation and maintenance of new technologies.

• Monitor and offer assistance during any system changes.

• Provide general computer or non-related support.

• Help update a company’s website.

Preferred Education Background:

• A graduation degree in Mathematics, Economics, or Computer Science

Preferred Work Experience:

• At least 2-3 year experience in technology, information management, relational database design and development, business intelligence, data mining or statistics.

Preferred Skill Set:

• S/he should have a thorough knowledge of Data Manipulation Languages like SQL commands and statistical tools like Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS and others.

• S/he should have an investigative mindset

• S/he should be process minded and have an experience in data analysis and data validation

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