Job Opportunity for Manager, Network Learning and Collaboration at Teach for India in Ahmedabad

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Position Summary

Reporting to: City Director, Ahmedabad

The Manager – Network Learning & Collaboration role is pivotal in driving both large-scale projects and key proof points in small geographies over a 2-3 year time frame with an intention to change the status quo for children in the region. You will directly report to the City Director and manage Alumni Engagement, Fellow Readiness and Regional Partnerships:

  • You will be responsible for enabling an active, thriving, learning and growing Alumni community that fuels progress towards the collective vision for our region. 
  • This work involves fostering strong, meaningful relationships with multiple stakeholders in our region, especially  to improve Alumni ownership,  engagement and collaboration. 
  • Through this, you will also nurture strong Fellow Leaders who have the clarity, capacity and conviction to continue working for India’s children post their Fellowship and contribute to the Alumni movement as active participants and creators. 


Activating the Network:

  • Establish and sustain an active regional Alumni Chapter Committee that creates projects and spaces at the intersection of the Regional Vision and needs of the Alumni community
  • Support the Alumni Chapter with end-to-end project management, event logistics and user experience
  • Design and execute new initiatives that will bring the Alumni and Alumni-led organizations to mobilize people/resources, advocate for shared causes and collaborate with each other (including Teach For India)
  • Own the design and execution of large-scale events like education conferences, regional conclaves etc. to make collective progress visible and instill a sense of regional pride
  • Moderate, create and disseminate content and information for local Alumni email distribution lists, WhatsApp/Telegram groups and other social media channels
  • Create and provide opportunities to amplify the voice of our Alumni through publishing white papers, research initiatives, writing op-eds/blogs, participating in radio/TV/online shows to share their views on education and/or social innovations

Building Learning Communities:

  • Identify and nurture key Alumni in the region who can anchor Communities of Practice (CoPs) across various prioritized pathways developed by Teach For India within education
  • Invite Alumni to galvanize around high-leverage problem statements and inspire action within their community and networks, on key barriers faced by children within the region
  • Create a Regional Entrepreneurs’ Collective and organize recurring spaces for peer learning and support

Managing data & impact:

  • Maintain an updated Alumni database that tells us where our Alumni are, the roles they play and the health of their community 
  • Set up systems to track and report Alumni engagement data across projects and periodically share these with national teams 
  • Liaise with the Regional Communications Lead to plan creative campaigns, newsletters, podcasts, reports, websites etc. that spread stories of individual and collective impact within and beyond the local Alumni community

Additional responsibilities:

  • Contribute plans, tools, project resources and more, to support peers leading similar efforts across other cities
  • Feed insights from the work of Alumni community building back into our Core Program
  • Based on need, interest and capabilities:Support other organisational priorities like Fellowship Recruitment, Selection, Matriculation, Summer Institute etc. 
  • Support select city or national projects that are seasonal
  • Manage key Regional Partnerships:Design and independently execute new initiatives that will alleviate barriers for the regional vision
  • Liaise with the Regional Communications Lead to plan creative campaigns, podcasts, reports, websites etc. that spread the regional movement
  • Establish and leverage the Regional board, in partnership with the City Director
  • Manage Fellow Readiness:Collaborate with the Program team and the National Fellow Readiness Coach to develop & implement an integrated plan for Fellow readiness, factoring key milestones such as Mid-year retreat, internships, BTCP, career fair, etc.
  • Provide necessary programmatic support for Fellows who are leading Be The Change Projects (BTCPs) to further their projects continuously, so that they strengthen their transferability of skills & competencies
  • Involve Alumni in our Fellow ecosystem of support such as training, conferences, Learning circles, newsletters, development conversations, etc. and also in our recruitment & partnership efforts
  • Organize and lead immersion opportunities for Fellows with local organizations to deepen their understanding of the sector.

As a Manager at Teach For India 

  • Contributing to the team goals and priorities beyond individual goals and priorities
  • Serving as an ambassador of the Teach For India brand and an advocate for our work and for educational equity in our country through both internal and external communication after commiting time in our classrooms to understand our work more deeply
  • Supporting with key organizational areas such as Recruitment, Selection, Fundraising, Volunteering, Movement Building

Minimum Qualifications, Experiences and Expectations

  • 2-5 years of professional experience
  • Experience in driving operations in high pressure, goal driven environments
  • Experience of having collaborated effectively with a broad range of individuals and groups
  • Experiences and examples of having taken initiative in the past 
  • Previous experience in teaching/education would be an added advantage (not mandatory)

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