Job Opportunity for Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy at Swechha in New Delhi

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Role and Responsibilities: 

The Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Swechha’s research, communication and advocacy work, across programs and issues.

Our work has a strong element of communication and outreach and is immersed in research at the backend and advocacy at the front (direct/indirect output).  Our research work is of three kinds: i) specific research assignments related to sustainability and environment; ii) generic research on issues and solutions that drives our communication outreach; iii) curriculum and solution design research.

Our Communication work is multi-fold too, as following: i) short-term and immediate response to burning social and environmental issues, through efficient and effective use of existing social media platforms such as instagram, Facebook and twitter; ii) Design and development of communication material and content, through creatives, info-graphics, short videos, podcasts, long format videos; iii) Documentation and report writing of Swechha’s programs and activities; iv) Maintaining and updating our social media and website regularly.

As stated above, our Advocacy work is based on our research and communication, targeting important stakeholders. Usually our advocacy is two-fold : i) media advocacy, through assisting mainstream and digital media with content, opinion and narrative, on burning environmental and social issues; ii) legal advocacy, through filing of applications, research and litigations on critical environmental issues.

As Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy, you will directly lead the executive team to achieve affirmative, impactful outcomes with respect to our communication work. 

The Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy  must have experience of working in the space of research and communication, especially design and production of content for digital media.

We are looking for someone in the age range of 25 – 40 years to take on the role of Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy. You will be leading a team of committed and passionate young people who are keen to transform their passion into affirmative collaborative change. 

As Manager – Research, Communication and Advocacy, you will,  

  • Inspire and motivate the organization team to pursue its mission and vision through strategic direction and operational leadership. 
  • Own and support the research, communication and advocacy work at Swechha.
  • Own and support all design and production of communication material.
  • Develop articles, blogs and newsletters.
  • Website management and content updation
  • Social media posts, designs, dissemination and engagement
  • Develop, shape and nurture new strategies for effective and efficient outreach and dissemination.
  • Manage the team competently, reporting to the CEO/ Director-Programs and ensure good governance.
  • Monitor and evaluate work progress and outcomes regularly and ensure efficient and effective delivery across all verticals of tasks.
  • Take lead in conceptualizing and organizing of knowledge exchange/ campaign events, seminars and conferences that further Swechha’s objectives. 


  • Minimum two years’ commitment.
  • This position will be based in New Delhi with national and international travel to represent Swechha in various forums. 
  • The position demands a full-time exclusive engagement with Swechha. 

Compensation offered:

Offers shall be commensurate with your qualifications, experience and salary history.

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