Job Opportunity for MSL Coordinator at Tech Mahindra Foundation in Delhi

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Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Support to School Teachers: On-site support to school teachers to conduct MSL activities.
  • Communication with School: Liaison with the school principal and teachers to develop MSL school visit schedule and its implementation.
  • Logistic coordination: Management and Maintenance of-
  • Academic checklist which comprises of but not limited to the teacher training manual, activity kits, concept video and how to do video, assessment sheet, topic display board, etc.
  • Vehicle Checklist which comprises of daily check of vehicle body, fuel, lights, horn, tyres, mirror, brake, engine, gears, pedals, lubrication, meters, gauges, odometer,
  • Safety check for compliance documents, first aid box, CCTV camera and GPS tracking, fire extinguisher, ignition, electrical wiring, Key handling
  • Timely support for vehicle readiness for everyday school visit by visiting service centre, fitness centre, RTO office and other compliance offices
  • Maintaining Lab Ambiance: Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in the vehicle
  • Documentation: Writing, Photographing, Video making for the development of detailed monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of MSL school visits
  • Curriculum Development: Environmental Studies content mapping, development of assessment tools, designing activities and training sessions based on National Education Policy-2020 and National Curriculum Framework-2023
  • Implementation of Assessment: Conducting, evaluating and finalizing annual baseline and end line assessment of students.
  • MSL Teacher Training Facilitation: Designing and facilitating training sessions for teachers on Mobile Science Lab.
  • Event Organization: Conceptualizing and implementing Annual Science Fair.

Desired Skill Sets:

  • Passion for science.
  • Positive and have a friendly, accessible manner to help children and teachers.
  • Organization skills and pro-active problem-solving skills.
  • Flexible, patient, resourceful and accountable.
  • Attention to detail, empathy and inclusive approach.
  • Basic computer skills like MS-Office; word, excel, PowerPoint and email, etc.

Experience : 1-3 years teaching, curriculum development, assessment in school or science centre.

Qualification: Young science graduates or equivalent and Diploma in Elementary Education/Bachelor in Education.

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