Job Opportunity for Operations and Administration Coordinator – Training Services at Ummeed Child Development Centre in Mumbai

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About Ummeed:

India has over 50 million children with disabilities under the age of 15. With access to appropriate health, intervention, education, recreation and livelihood services they can be supported to become productive members of the society. Today most of them have limited or no access to relevant knowledge and services as the number of organizations and professionals in the space are inadequate to meet the need.

Ummeed, a premier non-profit organization for children with disabilities in India, was founded in 2001 by Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy, a developmental pediatrician. Ummeed supports children with or risk of developmental disabilities to reach their full potential and be included in society by providing family-centered care to children and their families.

As an organization with a workforce of ~100 committed professionals, Ummeed’s transdisciplinary approach works towards:

• Supporting children with disabilities through direct clinical services and helping families in their journey towards acceptance and empowerment

• Building a network of trained professionals and community workers who can prevent, diagnose, and manage developmental disabilities effectively

• Changing societal attitudes so that children with disabilities can be meaningful and productive members in it

About the Team:

One of Ummeed’s key strategies to reach a wider population of children with or at risk of developmental disabilities is through training of different stakeholders that children with disabilities are likely to come into contact with, i.e., doctors, therapists, teachers, community workers, and the immediate ecosystem of the family.

Ummeed piloted its first training program in 2004-05. Ummeed offers training programs that don’t just build their skills, but also shift attitudes (e.g., family centered care, strengths-based approaches, biopsychosocial model, academic as well as social inclusion, participation, and self-advocacy) These training programs range from brief skill building and sensitization programs to long-term multi contact engagements. Over the years, Ummeed has trained over 5,000 unique participants and sensitized over 20,000 unique people. These participants, in turn, have worked with a wider network of families and professionals.

Trainings delivered by Ummeed are supported by the Training Services Team which works on training operations coordination, scheduling, managing registrations of participants, arranging the logistics, providing IT support throughout the training cycle, intra-training support, collecting feedback and other evaluation forms before and after the training, analysing the data collected, data management, etc.

About the position/Primary Responsibilities:

Ummeed’s Training Services would like to hire a full-time (6-day week) person for operations & administration coordination for a one-year (contractual) period to assist in various training related operational tasks and testing of our software system.

Candidate would be expected to travel to Ummeed’s Mumbai office whenever required and to other places within Mumbai for logistic arrangements/ training requirements to support the trainings. Some of the responsibilities include:

1.      Pre-Training & Support during training

a.      Assisting in recruitment (like making calls, mailing and other tasks) for trainings

b.      Data-entry on the TMS system 

             i.     Evaluations

             ii.     Participant /Registration Data

             iii.     Other data as required

2.      Supporting logistics by attending zoom and face-face trainings

3.      Coordinating zoom booking and interviews

4.      Managing printing, stationery, vendor interactions and invoicing

5.      Basic excel based data-preparation

6.      Other operational tasks for training services

Minimum Qualifications:

Graduate (any stream/specialisation) with 1-2 years of experience in administration

Essentials Skills Required:

• Communication skills in English, fluency in Hindi and Marathi will be preferred

• Should be a team player and flexible enough for multitasking

• Basic knowledge of computers and operational knowledge of MS Office

Reporting to: Project Manager



Ummeed would give preference to a candidate who is interested in putting in at least 48 hours per week. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

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