Job Opportunity for Project Officer – Education and Livelihood at Swaniti Initiative in Jharkhand

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Position Name: Project Officer – Education and Livelihood

Nature: Mid Managerial Level

Location: Jharkhand

Reports to: PMU Team Lead

Nature of engagement – Full time


● Supporting mining-affected communities with increased employment opportunities. 

● Strengthening delivery of quality education to mining-affected communities. 

● Ensuring that innovative programs are adopted and strengthened.

● Overall improvement in social and economic indicators.

About the Position

We are looking for a passionate and experienced professional who is keen on taking up a leadership role in the development sector. The Project Officer shall represent Swaniti and will lead projects in close coordination with District Administration for goals like unemployment reduction, livelihood generation, improving educational outcomes, ensuring healthcare delivery, and poverty reduction. The Project Officer would have quantifiable targets on how to most effectively manage projects. The key component of the role would be to strategically identify projects and ensure the appropriate monitoring and impact assessment are done. The Project Officer will also have to demonstrate the ability to manage relations with government departments effectively. With the support of the Team Lead, the PO would be expected to formulate and implement an end-to-end strategy, while maintaining consistent liaising with the district administration.

Remuneration: Commensurate to market standards


  • Post-graduate degree in any field with a preference for those possessing a degree in rural development, public policy, management, or public administration. Candidates having masters from Tier 1 institutions are preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in the development sector. Preference given to candidates possessing experience working directly with grant-making foundations and/or district administration.
  • At least 1 year of experience working in project managing positions.


Stakeholder Relationship Management and Sectoral Focus

● PO will support the Team Lead in representing Swaniti Initiative in District. The day-to- day responsibilities will be carried out in coordination with the district administration and the authorities.

● Identify key high-impact projects that will result in significant (quantifiable) improvements in the life of those affected by the mining sector activities.

● Put in place the appropriate monitoring system to assess how ongoing projects are improving quality of life.

● Build and maintain effective relationships with strategic authorities at the district level

● Respond to any needs of the PMU Team, and district administration, including providing them with innovative ideas about incoming programs.

● Establish consistent communication networks with all external and internal stakeholders for immediate course correction measures.

● Document the findings and the best practices and present them on various platforms

● Coordinate with various teams on Swaniti Initiative to design solutions.

Institutionalising Systemic Changes

● The Project Officer will be expected to function as a resource person to the district and come up with recommendations that may support the government in initiating and institutionalizing required structural changes.

Project Planning, Implementation, monitoring and Evaluation

● Conceptualize a wide range of impactful projects and implement the same for achievement of the goals at the district level.

● Collaborate with different verticals of Swaniti Initiative in formulating, strategizing, implementing and evaluating action research projects.

● Develop impact evaluation matrix for the projects to ensure appropriate monitoring of the program.

● Work with the Swaniti team to identify innovative programs and projects.

Skills Required and Personality Traits Preferred

Soft Skills

● Leadership Skill

● Team Management

● Strategic Planning

● Government Liaison

● Project Management

● Documentation

● Communication – Proficiency in Verbal and Written English

● Planning and negotiation skills

Computer Skills

● Proficiency in MS Office suite.

● Google Drive and Survey Form

● Emailing and Video Conferencing

Personality Traits

● Agile

● Tech-Savvy

● Quick Learner

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