Job Opportunity for Project Officer-Knowledge Management and Learning Evaluation at Care India in Bengaluru

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Project Officer-Knowledge Management and Learning Evaluation






Up to 31st December 2023


Program Manager 




Regular field travel within the project location, if required other locations also


CARE is a not-for-profit organisation working in India for over 70 years, focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive projects in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Our overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalised communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.

During FY 2020-21, CARE India directly reached out to 52.7 million people through 53 programmes across 18 states, covering more than 130+ districts. We are part of the CARE International Confederation, working in 100 countries for a world where people live with dignity and security.

CARE India seeks a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Our goal is to ensure that women and girls from the most marginalized communities are empowered, live in dignity and their households have secure and resilient lives. CARE India aims to accomplish this goal by working with 50 million people to help them have quality health, education, livelihoods and overcome the effects of disasters.

Our employees are committed to CARE’s values, Code of Conduct, and safeguarding commitments towards a safe workplace for all, including the principle of ‘do no harm’. They are also responsible to uphold and strengthen our safeguarding commitments in their role. To know more about our safeguarding policies please visit our website link given below.


The project is for improving the livelihood of informal waste pickers through soft skill trainings, collectivization, linkage and by creating enabling ecosystem environment. Despite the importance of their role, waste pickers are stigmatised and widely discriminated amongst the marginalised population. The waste pickers suffer from multiple forms of livelihood challenges such as lack of professional pride, occupational hazards, low economic status, unstable income, work related harassment and lack of recognition, inaccessibility of social security benefits, and social stigma etc. The marginalisation of waste picker’s is worsened by their poor social status, ethnicity, lack of education, poverty, disabilities, family pressures, lack of social mobility, and lack of skills.

The project is a Collective Impact (CI) initiative to bring improvements in the quality of life of waste pickers in Bengaluru, with a gendered and systemic approach.  It has identified seven key intervention areas which addresses issues prioritized by waste pickers.  One of the intervention areas is to develop and devise ‘alternate livelihood opportunities’ from waste picking to provide interested waste pickers a secured and sustainable alternative livelihood option contributing to their improved quality of life. 

With this background, CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development (CISSD) is implementing a project with a goal that waste pickers, especially women, are empowered to pursue dignified and gainful alternative livelihoods within an enabling environment.


PO-KMLE, is responsible for leading monitoring, evaluation, data management, learning review and documentation under the project. 

The PO-KMLE will support the achievement of the project goal of “Waste pickers, especially women, are empowered to pursue dignified and gainful alternative livelihoods within an enabling environment”. 

In order to achieve this, the PO-KMLE will support progress on four inter-connected areas, which includes (i) skills and capacities of the target groups, (ii) promoting collective action among the waste pickers, (iii) facilitating access to relevant services, schemes, resources and opportunities and finally (iv) creating an enabling environment for the waste pickers through engaging with and sensitising relevant ecosystem actors and institutions. 

S/He will lead the process of finalization of operational and monitoring plans in consultation with the Program Manager. S/he will be responsible to design the form of monitoring and evaluation framework under the project. S/he will also provide critical data and write-ups to other team members for evidence-based governance and advocacy on various themes of the project.

(The above list is not exhaustive, and the management reserves the right to review it as and when the role evolves based on the need of the business and individual’s skills and capabilities)


Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design and develop a Project Monitoring Framework (PMF)
  • Ensure incorporation of gender and diversity aspects in the PMF and actual M&E on field
  • Assist the Program Manager in the preparation of quarterly implementation plans and budgets 
  • Capacitate the project team and partners in providing relevant data and interpreting PMF outputs for improved project implementation and management
  • Facilitate regular collection, compilation and analysis of project data and ensure maintenance and updating of project MIS in consultation and with the support of several domain experts, stakeholders and volunteers working in the government, private and community sectors 
  • Ensures that the project and partners comply with the M&E requirement of the project
  • Provide need-based support to the project team and Program manager in developing quality standards and process indicators for all interventions
  • Support the Program manager in analyzing data and taking appropriate decisions
  • Support CIHQ in co-ordination and conduct of evaluation and assessments 

Baseline/Endline Studies and Impact Assessment

  • Along with the Program Manager, be the custodian of baseline data related to the project
  • Design baseline and endline studies and co-ordinate their conduct through external agencies
  • Provide project-related data and information (including impact data) as required by the Program manager and CIHQ
  • Conceptualize and lead impact assessment in the project, leveraging internal and external resources and expertise for this 

Project Documentation and Learning

  • Acquire, database and compile, all relevant statistical data and authoritative reports on the project area, communities, and themes; update this databank through reliable contacts and links
  • Prepare context analysis write-ups for use in various kinds of reports and proposals emanating from the project
  • Finalizing the learning agenda and its timeline for the project, in consultation with the Program
  • Manager and leading its roll-out (including generating evidence and informing CARE India’s Long-Term Programming)
  • Design, lead and support data collection, aggregation, validation, analysis and reporting in formats and dashboards
  • Conduct or/ and support conduct of studies/research in various relevant thematic areas, and involving project team, interns and/or resource organizations
  • Package and disseminate project learning for various internal and external audience to achieve specific and strategic objectives
  • Lead process- and photo-documentation of project activities and make this resource available to the Program manager and CIHQ for reporting, communication and dissemination
  • Assist project team in conducting gender analysis of the project, and incorporation of its learning in project activities and content

Project Implementation

  • Develop innovative and appropriate content, tools, methods, internal processes and systems for quality and timely delivery of technical assistance
  • Lead setting up of mechanisms for knowledge gathering, analysis and dissemination for the program
  • Manage learning documents, training modules, other literature from / related to the project and facilitate their timely access by project team members and CIHQ, as required
  • Conceptualize, promote and support cross-learning across projects through regular information exchange and exposure visits
  • Support program team in quality reporting and documentation by verifying the technical content of reports, publication and other knowledge tools 

Other responsibilities

  • Prepare progress reports as required internally and for donor reporting, using inputs provided by the project team and partners.
  • Perform any other task assigned by the line manager as per organizational requirement
  • Contribute to ensure visibility of project efforts and achievements on various internal (e.g., CARE’s website, blogs, Annual Report, Yammer) and external platforms / for a (publications, workshops/seminars, journals)
  • Document caselets and case studies based on project learning and experiences
  • Ensure that donor reports (both technical and financial) are developed in time, incorporating inputs and feedback from project team members, RPM and CIHQ, and are readied for submission to the donor
  • Keep the Program manager updated on project progress vis-à-vis plan 

Gender Equity & Diversity

  • To promote & integrate organizational GED strategies in team and project
  • To integrate strategies, policies and practices that promote real change at all levels of the organization with GED at its centre.
  • To establish mechanisms that ensure continuous progress in team/project on GED 

Emergency Response & Disaster Preparedness

  • Required to provide support and undertake specified emergency assignments identified as part of the CARE India’s Roster for Emergency Deployment during the time of disasters/emergencies.
  • Undertake the specified role and responsibilities identified as a part of the CARE India Emergency Roster.
  • Be familiar with CARE emergency protocols and respective roles as per the functional area under which member has been nominated.


  • Able to work closely with reporting manager and the other team members
  • Able to coordinate with the technical teams and KMU as and when required



  • Master’s degree in statistics/economics/demography/social science related field
  • Minimum three years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation of development projects 
  • Hands-on experience in conducting qualitative/quantitative surveys 
  • Has experience of preparing analytical/project reports


  • Ability to develop tools for data collection
  • Willing to travel in operational areas
  • Ability to train the filed staff on monitoring tools
  • Monitor field level data collection 
  • Willing to undertake documentation of case stories, write articles and blogs and disseminate project learnings


(to cover competencies in Relationship Management, Self-Management and Result oriented. Please choose and define as appropriate for the role)

Communication skills:

  • High level of proficiency in English is a must
  • Fluent in Kannada/Tamil/Telugu is essential 
  • Proficiency in computers (knowledge of Ms Office, Excel and power point, etc) 

Research skills:

  • Able to conduct primary and secondary research for identifying the newest trends and incorporate them in program / process approach

Team Management & Collaboration / People skills: 

  • High social intelligence: able to engage and influence teams, create relationships of trust with stakeholders
  • Adept at co-creation: naturally collaborative and solutions focused
  • Conflict resolution: comfortable with negotiating and resolving conflict; seeking clarity and testing assumptions
  • Able to reflect, empathetic, and a good listener

Strategic Thinking and Analysis:

  • Able to think clearly and rationally and select the best method as appropriate
  • Able to spot gaps, establish needs and opportunities

Change Management:

  • Resilient: able to deal well with ambiguity, uncertainty, and change 
  • Flexible: able to adapt well to shifting priorities     
  • Versatile: able to juggle different and conflicting priorities 

Operational excellence (Project / Program / Process management):

  • Able to successfully manage project/process deliverables in stipulated time and budget
  • Able to incorporate feedback and continually work on project / process improvement 

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