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Position Summary

As an Akanksha School Administrator, you will be directly responsible for all the administrative/operational duties leading to smooth functioning of the school. You may be responsible for more than one school. You will ensure that the school infrastructure is appropriately maintained and all the necessary resources required in the classrooms are provided on a timely basis. You will also ensure that the school data related to finance, procurement, logistics, students etc is maintained with high standards of accuracy and the same is maintained in relevant formats shared by government officials. You will contribute towards creating an environment of high achievement for our students through proactive and prompt services. You will support the school team to build strong bonds with children to understand each child’s needs and work with parents as partners in their child’s education and future.

Reports To

School Leader/ Assistant School Leader

What your role will entail?

Student Admission

  • Logistics to be arranged for pre, during and post admissions like technology management, venue preparation, data management etc.
  • Uploading data of new admissions to Netsuite
  • Need based help can be provided to Social Worker to ensure post-admission documentation is retained e.g. Recommendation letters, if any, to be attached to the admission form of respective students for future reference

Student Attendance

  • Input daily attendance (a) NetSuite (b) NMC register (c) Saral-online (d) App entry
  • Ensure student drop-out records are accurately and promptly maintained on NetSuite

Student Records

School Administrator has to maintain-

  • Student Files with photocopies of all the documents
  • Update NetSuite students’ master record with details of returning students (grade promotion, shuffling between divisions, change in address, name etc.) and create records for new students (a)Date of Birth (b)Full Name (c)Aadhaar Card Number, etc.
  • U-DISE – school related information, student numbers, teacher count
  • SARAL – update (a)Student Portfolio (b)School Portfolio
  • Shaala Siddhi Form
  • Update student details in General Register – student count as on 30 th Sep is considered final
  • Direct beneficiary transfer (DBT) wherever applicable – Bank account details, child’s account or joint account, (photocopy of bank passbook) is collected from students at the time of admission.
  • The ownership of collecting documents will remain with SW and data entry part with SA

Receivables from Government

  • To receive 27 items from the Government office
  • To maintain details of items received in an opening register, check and verify the same with challans and handover items to Social Worker for distribution ( no of units received should be as per exact number of students)
  • Reconcile balance items with details in opening register

Mid-Day Meal

  • To maintain MDM challans/records
  • To input MDM daily stock on-line/upload on MDM App
  • To tally billing reports and submit at government office

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Funds

  • Track SSA circulars
  • Maintain records of funds received
  • Maintain SSA audit reports
  • Provide details through Shaala Vikas Arakhada Form (under SSA) (a)Student details (b)School Details

Managing Assessments (Akanksha and External)

  • Arrange printing of Akanksha assessment papers
  • Collect question papers for all students from government office i.e. Satra Pariksha (saha mai pariksha – End of term 1 & 2, provide number of students, subjects and medium of language through WA to government officials)
  • Upload scores on Saral
  • Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation – (a)Obtain forms from government office (2)Distribute to teachers (3)Teachers to add student inputs (4)Forms to be submitted to government office by School Leader/Junior School Leader

Attendance Records

  • To maintain muster for all staff, teachers, TFIs, Helpers & School Attendants, contractual staff & teachers, volunteers.
  • To ensure all attendance records are accurately transferred on to the leave tracker to be shared with the HR Dept. by 22 nd of every month for payroll purposes with scanned copies of helper muster to be uploaded for salary disbursement through vendors.
  • To ensure that employees who go on long leave, sabbatical leave, medical break, maternity leave submit relevant leave applications, medical certificates or documents are approved by the School Leader and then sent to the HR Department for further formalities.
  • To input parent meeting attendance in NetSuite


  • Scholarship – online forms from NMC – to be filled for 5 th and 8 th grade students (yearly)
  • Scholarship – minority group online forms from NMC to be filled with student data (yearly)


  • To prepare for PMC/PCMC/NMC inspections that happen twice a year where all the relevant data is checked by government officials

Infrastructure and Resource Maintenance

  • To ensure school infrastructure maintenance which includes smooth supply of electricity, water, seating arrangement in classrooms, staff room, cleanliness
  • To ensure all infra-structure related issues eg. Repair of fans, tubelights, plumbing, water leakage, water storage tanks and maintenance of other fixtures in school is attended promptly
  • All electronic equipments in school are in working order at all times
  • To ensure teachers are provided with requisite resources based on a well-planned inventory management system, thus enabling teachers to conduct their classes smoothly
  • To ensure that the Science Laboratory is equipped with all the material required for science related sessions or practicals
  • To ensure Computer Laboratory is equipped with all the material/resources/hardware/software required for computer related sessions or practicals
  • To ensure maintenance of equipments/resources in science laboratory, computer room, staff room or any other room in the premises
  • To ensure that school premises and classrooms are unlocked on entry and locked on exit from school on a daily basis
  • All infrastructure related issues should be informed at government office both through verbal and written communication with regards to building, water supply, electricity supply, civil work, plumbing, gardening related issues and regular follow-ups should be done for attending to these issues


  • To maintain a register giving details of material purchased, material consumed and balance material including stock of benches, fans, tube lights, cleaning material, pantry items etc
  • Plan material procurement based on inventory already available and new requirement eg.
  • Stationery, office equipment, resources required for science/computer laboratory etc.
  • Ensure all protocols set by the Purchase Department are followed while procuring material for school
  • Arrange photocopies requested by teachers on time and maintain a tracking system with expenses and bills
  • Arrange photocopies of question and answer sheets for all grades during assessment time
  • Ensure timely maintenance of the Xerox machine in case the school has one (toner, servicing, number of copies photocopied during the month etc.)

Finance and Accounting

  • Manage school budget, school underspent etc.
  • Maintain daily/weekly/monthly expense statement of purchases
  • Submit expense vouchers with checked and verified bills/invoices based on protocols set by the Finance Department
  • Collect petty cash voucher helpers’ salary and handover the same to helpers (monthly)

Field Trips

  • Participate in planning field trips.
  • Arrange transportation, meals for students and employees participating in field trips

Event Management

  • Participate in planning school events and execute administrative/logistics related activities for the event. Arrange for resources required for the event to ensure smooth functioning of the event
  • Make arrangements for 15 th August, 26 th January, 1 st May

Student Certificates and Report Cards

  • Prepare bonafide/school leaving certificates for students
  • Arrange to print report cards (filling in information about students to be done by teachers)

What do you need for this Position?

  • Graduate from any stream
  • Computer literacy is a must
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft office and Google suite tools
  • Candidates having relevant administration/operations experience in a school set-up are preferred but administration experience from a different sector may also be considered. Minimum 2 years’ experience is a must
  • Strong administration/operations knowledge and expertise in multi-tasking
  • Adaptability and patience while handling tasks pertaining to government liaisoning
  • Patience and capacity to solve problems, find solutions
  • Good planning and organising skills
  • Strong team player
  • Self-motivated with strong work ethics to achieve school goals
  • Openness to feedback and critical reflections
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English and other languages like Hindi & Marathi is a must

Job Category: School Operations and Support
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Nagpur

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