Job Opportunity for Senior Associate, Fundraising & Communications at Madhi Foundation in Chennai

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Tamil Nadu STEAM Model Schools: To ensure holistic growth of children from underserved communities and to empower them with the skills to work toward their dreams, the Department of School Education has embarked on an ambitious project of setting up ‘Tamil Nadu Model Schools’ that will serve children from the most marginalized backgrounds and equip them with skills and knowledge such that their disadvantages get mitigated and no longer impede their success in academics, work and life. Madhi has joined the Department to assist in the setting up of these 38 Model Schools, each exemplifying the principles of equity and inclusion in letter and spirit, enabling every student, irrespective of their background, to receive equal opportunities to aspire and achieve their goals.

Your team (Organizational Development)

The Organizational Development (OD) team comprises Human Capital Management (HCM), Operations, Communications and Partnerships. The OD team consists of heroes who work hard in the shadows and believe that the show must go on, come rain or sunshine. The HCM team is in charge of managing human capital and talent at Madhi and strives to find passionate and committed individuals to join the team. The operations team ensures seamless functioning of the organization and oversees finance and administration-related activities.

About the role:

The Associate, Fundraising and Communication will be responsible to support the Manager Fundraising and the CEO to identify, nurture and expand Madhi’s ties with both state and donor partners. They will also engage in purposeful and meaningful partnerships with other organisations in the sector. It is a role that provides an exciting opportunity to build purposeful collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders.

The challenges you will help solve in this role

⬤ Over the past 5 years, we have grown from a team of 5 to a team of 25 currently and are likely to grow exponentially, expanding our work with the State’s initiatives and grow to a team of 150 soon. This will require us to build a robust pipeline of donors for raising funds for enabling this growth. As the Associate, you will need to help support identification of new donor bases and create innovative and exciting communication and proposals, and help Madhi fundraise

⬤ Fundraising, as anyone who has raised funds would have you know, is about leveraging close and extended networks. While Madhi has built a strong network of supporters over the years, you will also be expected to draw from your own network and help direct support towards Madhi

⬤ We are sticklers for high quality in writing, for sensitive and contextual tones of communication, and for designing visual collateral that speak volumes of our work. Through this role you will be expected to uphold these standards and contribute to the design of our brand image and communication guidelines.

The Job Description

Below is an indicative set of responsibilities you will be required to lead as part of your role. We believe that a job description is best created collaboratively where the individual joining the team and the senior leadership team together define the role in greater detail so it reflects your aspirations and ambitions as much as it does the organization’s needs. A detailed description will be jointly created once the selection process has been completed and you have accepted our offer of employment.

In this role, some of your responsibilities will include

● Execute the vision for Madhi’s internal and external communication strategies to increase Madhi’s brand visibility across various media: social, print, radio etc.

● Assist the Manager and CEO in consistently meeting Madhi’s defined fundraising targets

● Carry out extensive research about potential partners that can work with Madhi synergistically

● Build and maintain a strong network of donors & partners (funding, government, other organizations with whom synergies may exist) and strategically manage each relationship

● Create periodic reports and presentations to present to donor groups

● Create compelling grant applications to secure institutional grants

● Design audio-visual collaterals of varying lengths, catering to different audiences, to narrate Madhi’s story with conviction and humility

You will thrive in this role if you:

● Have demonstrated the ability to build and maintain relationships with a wide array of people from diverse backgrounds (junior/senior, for-profit/non-profit etc.)

● Have led social media campaigns for social sector organizations

● Have developed marketing and public outreach collaterals (videos, posters) end to end for social sector organizations

● Have a keen eye for detail and can produce technical proposals and official documents (like MoUs) of exceptional quality even with a short turnaround time

● Possess strong written and verbal communication in English with excellent knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

● Have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills

● Have proven planning skills and take pride in seeing projects through to completion

● Can proofread and edit formal as well as informal documents for internal and external dissemination

● Can tap into your network and liaise with public relations officials, journalists etc.

● Have an entrepreneurial mindset and enjoy solving problems

● Have an interest and aptitude for design and the creation of visual collaterals

● Have excellent editing and proofreading skills with an exceptional command over English to craft compelling narratives.

● Are extremely detail-oriented and meticulous with formal written communication

Prerequisites include:

● At least 2-4 years of work experience

● Experience of having worked with any grant making institutions or CSRs before (or) in corporate consulting in areas such as strategy, marketing etc. will be an advantage

● Knowledge of any of the content design software (Adobe suite)

● A postgraduate degree in social sciences or mass communication is desirable but not mandatory

This role will report to: CEO
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Please note: You will be expected to bring your own laptop with updated software (MS Office 2016)

Remuneration: Rs 4.8-7.2LPA

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