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About Chase India

Founded in 2011, Chase India is South Asia’s leading research and public policy consulting firm. We help clients create business impact, mitigate risks, drive social change and form long-standing collaborations with advocates and key stakeholder groups. We guide the private sector and not-for-profit organizations through the ever-changing policy and regulatory landscape. Our in-depth sector and policy knowledge make us well-placed to serve as trusted advisors to our clients in sensitive but crucial matters such as government engagement, creating social impact, and planning strategic communications campaigns. The team at Chase India comprises functional and sectoral experts who have extensive experience working with regulatory and industry bodies, government organizations, academia, and media. Our team has vast experience of working across federal, state, and municipal levels.

Chase India is a sister consultancy of Avian WE, itself a group company of WE Communications, one of the largest independent communications agencies in the world, headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Our Values

We believe that real growth is based on much more than just business results. Ever since our inception, we have focused on building a team that embodies our values:

• Knowledge: We bring a depth of knowledge of our sectors and work gives us the impetus we need to ensure par excellence service for our clients.

• Passion: We believe in working with people who are passionate about their work and relentlessly pursue their goals.

• Nimbleness: We understand the world is ever-changing, and that our work and roles are continuously evolving. As such, we remain flexible and nimble in the face of roadblocks.

• Commitment: We take ownership of our work and show the highest level of commitment to our clients.

• Ethics: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics.

Every day, we strive to nurture the three key pillars of our business model:

• People First: As an advisory firm, our people are our biggest asset. We are committed to their growth (as they are to ours) and help design their roles and career paths to bring out the best in them and contribute to organizational goals.

• Clients for Life: This philosophy is ingrained in each employee from the day they become a part of our team. Our drive to retain and grow existing clients and attract new ones that share a similar culture and values shows in our impeccable work and high standards of service.

• Business Sustainability: We are proud to be good corporate citizens and believe that long-term sustainability begins with the choices we make today. As an organization, we strive to live our purpose responsibly, by making a positive social, environmental, and economic impact, not just for our industry but for society as a whole.

What the work entails

This is the firm’s mid-level position wherein, the Senior Manager, Public Policy will support the team lead and other senior staff with client deliverables, client service, and internal functioning. In this role, you’ll serve as the daily point of contact on varied client engagements. You will leverage the
capabilities of senior members of the Chase India team and utilize their own expertise and networks to
manage and support client campaign delivery. You will be expected to take ownership, operate independently (with senior team members to lean on for support), and mentor and support junior team members, as required.

Given that this is a senior role at the cusp of leadership within the organization, you’ll be expected to proactively ideate and work towards building the reputation of Chase India. Additionally, you will also be expected to have pre-existing relationships within the sphere of public policy and will be expected to actively create relationships and networks for yourself, your clients, and the organization. The focus and mix of the work vary based on the needs of each client, but the work largely comprises of the following at this level:

• Research and Research Management: Research and intelligence form the basis of our advocacy and communications strategy. While we largely do secondary research, certain projects may require us to gather intelligence and / or analyse primary data as well. Occasionally, we may work closely with research agencies to direct and coordinate reports.

• Stakeholder Management: Given that we have to build alliances and supporters, a lot of our job involves liaising with stakeholders and creating and managing partnerships.

• Programme and Project Management: While we may not execute programs on behalf of our clients, we often do overlook the coordination and tracking of programs and projects.

• Communications and Advocacy: One of the key aspects of our work is to design and execute complete advocacy strategies that may encompass various programmes, communications, partnerships, and other methods to achieve our ends.

• Reputation Management: In this role, we would expect to actively work towards building the reputation of the organization by working with the leadership team to develop properties in spaces of interest.

• Hiring and People Management: In this role, a decent amount of time will go towards nurturing existing talent, while also interviewing for vacancies in the organization.

What your responsibilities will be

Client Management and Deliverables: You will be responsible for leading the execution of work on clients, servicing their needs and doing the following inter alia:

• Being the client’s point of contact: You will be the point-of-contact for the client and will lead communications and coordination of work with the client.

• Understanding the client’s business and needs:

o You’ll be responsible for learning and understanding the client’s business, industry, and regulatory environment, so as to deliver work up to expectations.

o You’ll be expected to proactively think about the client’s needs and how you can creatively think about ideas that can help them achieve these goals.

o You’ll also assist senior team members in working with clients to help them define realistic OKR.

• Execution of Deliverables:

o You will be responsible for working with junior and senior members of the team to build advocacy strategies in line with the goals of the client, and oversee execution of the same.

o You will be responsible for ensuring that deliverables going from the team are par excellence and prompt.

o You will also be expected to actively prepare and edit communications, presentations, and other documents required for fulfilling client deliverables, as required.

• Instituting processes: You will be expected to institute processes that help reduce friction in the completion of client work.

• Client Expectations: You will also be responsible for managing the expectations of clients they’re servicing

• Manage and review of work: You will be expected to take the lead in distributing work among team members, and reviewing any communication before it goes to a client.

Relationship and Network Building: At the level of Senior Manager, you will be expected to proactively create relationships in the spaces of work of your client, and leverage existing relationships to expand your network towards client and organizational goals.

• While we do have pre-existing networks, we would expect you to not only nurture these, but also look towards expanding these (for which, the senior leadership will be available for support, if needed).

• At times, other teams may also seek your support and network to help them with challenges that they may face in their work.

Mentorship and Hiring

• Providing mentorship for junior members: Given that there will be team members including some straight of college working in your team, you’d be expected to deal with them with patience and understanding. You’d be expected to help them understand the ropes of policy advocacy and provide mentorship and direction towards their growth within the team, organization and in their careers.

• Hiring of new candidates:

o Working with senior team members to identify hiring needs, and coordinating with the Human Resources personnel to create a pipeline of candidates.

o Supporting senior team members in interviewing and assessing candidates for vacancies.

• Onboarding of new hires: Supporting the team in onboarding new hires, not only by making them familiar with the work, but also by ensuring that they feel welcomed into the organization.

• Building pipelines for new hires: As a consultancy, our work is driven by the human talent in the organization. As such, we look to ensure that we’re interviewing and hiring diverse, exceptional and driven candidates.

o Supporting the internal teams in reaching out to candidates and networks that may have candidates, as the need arises.

New Business Development

• Identifying Opportunities: Supporting the team lead in identifying opportunities for business and actively participating in proposing new avenues of business.

• Proposals: Working closely with the team lead to prepare proposals (pitch-decks and financial projections) for incoming opportunities.

• Case-studies: Working with new and older members of the team to compile and update credentials and case studies on a timely basis.

Reputation Management: In addition to client work, we would also want and expect you to proactively think about ideas and processes that could help the organization build its reputation in the sphere of public policy.

• Thought Leadership events and conferences: You’d be expected to ideate on possible conferences, dialogues, roundtables, and take the lead in executing these.

• Other innovative ideas: You’d be expected to brainstorm with the team, and (as per your bandwidth) lead innovative ideas in research and corporate communications.

Internal Compliance

• Supporting the Administrative team with information required to raise invoices.

• Coordinating with the internal teams (finance, HR etc) on any other miscellaneous needs that may arise for clients.

Who you are

Personality / Attitude

• Flexible: In line with our values, we’re looking for someone who is nimble enough to adapt to changing circumstances and work in a fast-paced environment. More likely than not, our work may require you to multi-task between multiple clients.

• Ownership: You’re someone whose first instinct is to say, “Don’t worry, I got this” when given work. This doesn’t mean that we expect you to know everything in advance, but we’re looking for someone who is willing to take responsibility for the work and make sure it’s completed.

• High Emotional Intelligence: The job requires you to interact with a number of different stakeholders from colleagues to clients to internal teams and other external partners. As such, we’re looking for someone who is able to empathize and understand each stakeholder’s needs and context to come to a solution.

• Interpersonal Skills: You’re someone who is a natural at building relationships with people you meet, and can become a trusted partner for the long-run.


• Verbal and written communication skills: As the work entails documenting and creating communication material, you’d be expected to be someone who has a natural flair for the same.

• Research, analytical and organizational skills: As research forms the basis of our advocacy strategy, you’d be expected to be able to have strong research and analytical skills.

• Documentation and presentation: You would be expected to be proficient in documentation and presentation with working proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Professional Qualifications: 8-10 years of work experience is a prerequisite, with prior experience managing teams in a fast-paced role. Additional experience in one or more of the following would be preferred:

• Prior work in public policy or consulting.

• Any past experience in roles that required a significant amount of research and communication.

• Prior work in the sector that you’re applying to would be preferred.

o Existing relationships and networks in this field of work will be beneficial.

• Past experience working with a consulting firm, think-tank, Member of Parliament, CSO or industry association would be beneficial.

Educational Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Law, Communication, Political Science or any other related field.

• A master’s degree is a plus, but not a requisite.

What’s in it for you

Competitive Salary: You will be offered a competitive salary, in line with industry standards.

Cross-functional learning: We go beyond a single specialization and help clients with a gamut of needs from government relations to policy communications. Working with us will give you opportunities to learn different facets of work.

Mentorship Opportunities: We try and ensure that each member of the team has access to resources and networks that can help them think through and build their careers, inside and outside the organization.

Learning and Development: We work towards trying to help upskill our employees in areas of weakness and interest.

We are an equal Opportunity employer: Chase India provides equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate against an employee or applicant because of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or other legally protected class status.

We value Diversity and Inclusion: Chase India values a diverse and inclusive workforce and is committed to creating a workplace where everyone thrives. We promote an atmosphere in which diversity of people and ideas are welcomed and valued. Diversity includes differences in race, religion, gender, age, lifestyle, ethnic background and sexual orientation as well as differences in experiences and ideas.

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