Job Opportunity for Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Fortify Health in Nagpur

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About Fortify Health

Fortify Health is an NGO with a team of dedicated entrepreneurs working to improve nutritional status at a population scale through fortification, a recognised, effective public health intervention. We work to tackle anaemia by supporting the fortification of wheat flour with iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid. We support millers willing to adopt fortification by making it cost-neutral to them, and we work with state governments to expand fortification in social safety net programs. Complementing our entrepreneurial model, we provide training, career development opportunities and a wide range of resources to guide the team. 

Fortify Health’s model addresses micronutrient deficiencies through work with industry partners, NGOs and state governments. Maintaining collaborative relationships with our partner mills is essential, and ensuring smooth implementation of fortification in mills, is essential to successfully achieving Fortify Health’s important goals. The Senior Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer will support and oversee quality assurance of fortified wheat flour under Fortify Health’s programs.

Position overview

The Senior M&E Officer will be based in Nagpur (with up to 50% of their time including travel to other locations, mostly in Maharashtra), ensuring quality of fortified atta and programs as per Fortify Health guidelines. This role will involve collaborating with partner mills and Fortify Health’s Program team to ensure that mills fortify their flour adequately and safely, by managing the quality assurance process of fortified atta. The Senior M&E Officer will manage communications with quality assurance staff in partner mills. They will closely work with the Program and Regulatory Affairs teams at Fortify Health. 

The Senior M&E Officer will have a base of knowledge about data collection, analysis, and food technology to facilitate fortification successfully in mills. They have the exciting opportunity to bring their own unique experience into this role, as they will be the fifth member of our M&E team and will be an essential part of Fortify Health’s growth. They will initially report to Fortify Health’s Country Director.

Responsibilities and activities

  • Work with the Fortify Health team, millers and labs to ensure fortified wheat flour is correctly fortified
  • Develop and maintain systems of quality assurance process, regularly update them, train M&E team members, Program team members and mill staff
  • Lead developing the scale up of M&E work in mills in Maharashtra
  • Set up a premix quality assurance process
  • Lead the M&E work in mills for any government program
  • Set up and maintain quarterly reporting structure to all mills
  • Support in RnD of fortification in key potential partner mills
  • Mentor and train and M&E team members we hire
  • Support donor reporting
  • Support training FDA officials in compliance of fortification, when needed
  • Manage communication between all stakeholders involved in the quality assurance process
  • Manage Fortify Health’s internal regulatory monitoring, with guidance from the line manager
  • Outsource lab tests and oversee communication of external monitoring results
  • Work with the Fortify Health team to improve M&E strategy and related research aims 
  • Plan and conduct fieldwork to understand take up of fortified atta all levels of supply chain
  • Consolidate monitoring data and prepare monthly reports
  • Innovate and design mechanisms for fortification data collection and representation
  • Support exploration of future opportunities for study design and execution


  • Experience/background in food technology, fortification, and/or monitoring and evaluation
  • Bachelors or higher degree in food technology, milling engineering, public health, economics, or related field
  • Enthusiasm about our opportunity to improve people’s lives through fortification
  • Strong organisational skills, with the ability to oversee the quality assurance process from mill to lab
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, from managing relationships between various stakeholders to relaying important quality assurance findings in an accessible way
  • Strong creative problem-solving skills, with the ability to efficiently learn and execute best practices where they exist and to innovate where they do not
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Confidence, humility, and diligence
  • Excellent attention to both detail and results
  • Proven ability to manage professional relationships and to work under pressure
  • Commitment to the progress and sustainability of the org, and perseverance through intermediate hurdles
  • Willingness to travel up to 50% of working days
  • Fluency in Hindi, professional fluency in English
  • Willingness to relocate to Nagpur 
  • Authorisation to work in India (Indian national, eligibility for OCI, etc.)

Desirable attributes

  • Experience working with remote team members
  • Experience working independently
  • Relevant experience in NGO field environment 
  • Scientific literacy to understand the finer points on fortification through the academic literature
  • Fluency in Marathi

Terms of employment: One year contract, renewal by mutual agreement

Salary and benefits: INR 73,500 per month

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