Job Opportunity for Sr. Consultant Domain – (MCA) at NISG in New Delhi

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Job Objective

The key objective of this position is to manage and provide leadership to the “Domain-Eco./Statistics” subgroup of the Technical Support group (TSG) in Data Mining and Analytics Facility at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Responsibilities  and Responsiblities:

The Sr. Consultant – Domain-CA/CS/Eco./Statistics shall report to the Chief Consultant – TSG with the following objective & responsibilities for successful end to end implementation of this project:

1. Assist Chief Consultant in monitoring of the end-to-end implementation of the project covering all functional aspects (domain).

2. Task allocation to Domain team (CA/CS/CMA/ Eco./Statistics) and monitoring and tracking

3. Coach and Supervise other team resources

4. Manage Project Issues & risks

5. Finalization of requirements by interacting with MCA and other stakeholders.

6. Develop framework for resolving MCA data quality issues and suggest templates for corporate sector data dissemination to all stakeholders.

7. Develop & implement business rules for resolving data quality related issues in the MCA21 database; leading to ‘clean’ data.

8. Identify & develop interactive reports, visualization and other value-addition to make data amenable for dissemination & web publication.

9. Design methodology and work flow for analysis of corporate data to achieve desired objectives.

10. Design corporate sector analytical reports for policy making & regulatory purposes.

11. Collaborate with Information Technology Consultants for leveraging IT tools & technologies for the purpose of data preparation, analytics and dissemination

12. Work extensively with the various teams to gather relevant corporate data. Provide a compelling narrative and insights behind raw data to meet internal and external objectives

13. Any other activity related to the project as decided by MCA

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