Job Opportunity for Treatment Buddy at YRGCARE in Hyderabad


Job descriptions for Treatment Buddy

The Treatment Buddy are facility-based staff with support and coordination with community-based workers. They will report to the Treatment Coordinators based at the district level with YRGCARE. The specific duties will include:

1.      Support in day to day ART case load management both for PLHIV and CLHIV

2.      Receive the list of LFU, MIS cases from the ART center and make phone calls – if the link with ART centre is not established, then transfer the list to ORWs for PLHIV/CCF for CLHIV

3.      Support in lay-counselling and preparation of case plans for those LFU and MIS cases

4.      Support in CLHIV registration by helping disclosure of status, link the CLHIV with field staff

5.      During interaction with Parents/Caregivers in the ART centers, provide information about regular health monitoring of the child, counselling of the parents/caregivers on the need for childcare practices, treatment adherence, opportunistic infections and nutrition based on locally available food items, 

6.      Conduct nutrition, growth monitoring for 0-5 years during ART visit. Provide nutrition packages with support of local donors

7.      Provide counselling of parents and care givers in identifying possible adverse health conditions which may arise from side effects of ART medication or from other infections.

8.      Support in Adolescent Living with HIV (ALHIV) registration, screening of NCD, TB and Malaria among ALHIV

9.      Organise counselling sessions for parents/caregivers

10.  Refer siblings/biological mother of CLHIV 0-5 years for Index Testing

11.  Provide counselling to the adolescents who will transition from Adolescence to Adult ART regimens

12.  Facilitate and coordinate with agencies for linkages of ALHIV to the ongoing services by RKSK, MSJE

13.  Based on the list of LFU and MIS cases among children received from the ART centre, coordinate with Child Care Facilitators (CCF) for CLHIV and ALHIV, with ORWs/Peer Navigators/Field Staff for PLHIV tracking and help them to resume their treatment wherever possible.

14.  Help CLHIV and parents to address stigma and discrimination by the family members and the society

15.  To identify issues of disclosure / acceptance among children / adolescent living with HIV and addressing these through ART centre staff.

16.  To prepare and submit reports in designated format within specified time to Treatment Coordinator and District Coordinator.

17.  Any other work assigned by supervisor within ambit of the Project.


Qualifications and skills

 1.      Experience of working with HIV & AIDS program previously will be preferred.

2.      Should be a resident of the district and should have the ability to read and write Telugu.

3.      Willingness to travel for appx 20 days a month. (Travel and logistic support will be provided under project)

4.      Women and Individuals living with HIV are encouraged to apply


Salary will be Rs.15,000/- per month 

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