Funding Opportunity: Challenge Facility for Civil Society Round 12

About the Organization

The Stop TB Partnership brings together expertise from a broad spectrum of country, regional, and global partners in our shared mission to revolutionize the TB space and end TB by 2030. Founded in 2001, the Stop TB Partnership is a United Nations hosted organization that takes bold and smart risks to serve the needs and amplify the voices of the people, communities, and countries affected by TB.

We work to advocate, catalyze, and facilitate sustained coordination and collaboration among partners; to support the development, replication, and scale-up of innovative approaches and tools; and to facilitate equitable access to TB diagnostics, treatment, and care for all in need. We believe that our comprehensive range of strategic and technical expertise and our willingness to push boundaries are crucial factors in reaching the targets set forth by the TB community at large.

About the Grant

The Stop TB Partnership is pleased to announce that the Call for Proposals for Round 12 of its Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS) is now open.

For Round 12, Stop TB Partnership is announcing an incredible USD 13.5million to be awarded to Tuberculosis (TB)-affected community and civil society organizations to champion ambitious and strong people-centered, human-rights based, gender-transformative national TB responses, advocacy and accountability efforts to End TB.

With the continued generous support from USAID and the newly announced investment from L’Initiative implemented by Expertise France, Stop TB Partnership is happy to continue the unique type of financial support and investment in, civil society and community partners to champion ambitious and strong people-centered, human-rights based, gender-transformative national TB responses, advocacy and accountability efforts to End TB and save lives. It is the largest ever investment dedicated to TB civil society and community organizations with USD 13.5 million available in funding.

“Challenge Facility for Civil Society is the mechanism that has been the catalyst for enhanced capacity, engagement, and advocacy among TB-affected communities and civil society. It is fantastic news that we again have increased funding available, more countries eligible and France joining as a donor for the first time.  We hope that other donors and funding institutions will join USAID and Expertise France in scaling-up their support for TB-affected communities through this mechanism” Peter Ngo’la Owiti, STP Board Member, TB Affected Communities.

USAID has supported the last six rounds of the Challenge Facility for Civil Society, including Round 11 which awarded a total of USD 10.5 million in grants to 100 organizations.

Thanks to the commitment from L’Initiative, Stop TB Partnership is delighted to be expanding the reach of CFCS Round 12 to five additional countries in Francophone Africa – a region that is heavily affected by TB but has been left behind with regards to investment and engagement. Stop TB Partnership and L’Initiative believe it is crucial to support civil society and community partners, empowering the region’s voice and involvement in global TB platforms.

This year is a critical year in the fight to End TB – with the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB happening in September 2023, and CFCS Round 12 partners will play a key role in ensuring accountability at national level for the commitments made by Heads of State in September. With the ever-growing body of evidence for Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) in TB – generated particularly through CFCS-supported activities such as CRG Assessments and community-led monitoring – Stop TB Partnership is proud to support civil society and community partners to continue building evidence and champion ambitious and strong TB responses.

There are two tracks through which eligible organisations can apply for funding:

  • Track 1: Country Applications
  • Track 2: Global/Regional Applications.

The total available amount for CFCS Round 12 is up to USD 13.5 million. Stop TB is committed to strengthening national responses and therefore the majority of funding will be awarded under Track 1.

The following funding ceilings apply:

  • Track 1 – Country Applications
  • Emerging organisations of people affected by TB, with up to 3 years of TB and CRG experience:  up to USD 50,000.
  • Organisations with more than 3 years of TB and CRG experience:  up to USD 100,000.
  • Track 2 – Global or Regional Coordination Applications
  • up to USD 150,000.

The final grant amount may vary across/within countries and/or regions.


Organisations must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for CFCS Round 12:

  • Legally registered
  • Track 1: Country-level organisations must be registered in the same country where grant activities will be implemented;
  • Track 2: Global and regional organisations should be legally registered and/or predominantly work in the targeted countries listed under Track 1;
  • Civil society and/or community-based organisation working in the above-mentioned countries or regions. Organisations/networks of people affected by TB are particularly encouraged to apply;
  • Currently working on TB and Community, Rights & Gender (CRG)-related work;
  • Be able to open a bank account in the applicant’s legal name in the country of registration.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via the Online Application no later than 18:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) on Friday 21 July 2023. All applications must be submitted in English

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