Funding Opportunity: Instrumental Access Program by Seeding Labs

About the Organization

Seeding Labs is a US-based nonprofit that is empowering every scientist to transform the world. We strengthen global health and science hubs in developing countries and help students around the world get a hands-on STEM education. Over 170 public and private sector partners have joined us in supporting 108+ universities and institutions in 36 countries to train 25,000+ students each year. Our Instrumental Access program advances research on pandemic preparedness, health, energy, and the environment

About the Grant

Our Instrumental Access program removes a key barrier to research and science teaching by making laboratory equipment available to universities in low- and middle-income countries.

As an Instrumental Access awardee, your institution would have an opportunity to “shop” in our extensive inventory of donated laboratory equipment, glassware, and consumables to select items that meet your needs for teaching and research.

A typical shipment consists of 100+ individual items and fits into a 20-foot freight container.

We’re proud to have delivered equipment worth more than $37 million USD to awardees in 36 countries (and counting!) to support life-changing research and teaching.

The Instrumental Access model is unique and highly collaborative.


Please carefully review the detailed requirements as explained on the Information for Applicants page. Briefly, applicants should be:

  • An academic department (or other subunit of similar scope) at a college, university, or other institution of higher education OR a university-affiliated research institute OR a public research institute that is actively engaged in research training.
  • Located in an eligible country.
  • Have diverse needs for equipment and supplies that are commonly used in biology and chemistry laboratories.
  • Able and willing to meet all program requirements, including paying a program fee that underwrites a portion of our operating costs.

If you have any questions about eligibility or would like to discuss your situation in more detail, you are strongly encouraged to contact us before you begin working on an application.

How to Apply

The application process consists of three phases:

Phase I: Written Application

Written applications will be reviewed periodically (see schedule below) for eligibility, completeness, and fit for the program. We are looking for awardees who can meet all program requirements and are poised to make good use of what we can provide: a container full of laboratory equipment and supplies to be selected from our inventory.

Phase II: Interview and Qualification

Following application review, top-scoring applicants will be invited to speak with us via Zoom or Skype about their objectives, existing infrastructure and expertise, and equipment needs.

Phase III: Offer and Acceptance of an Available Program Slot

Program slots, or specific time periods for equipment selection and subsequent payment of the program fee, will be offered to qualified candidates as they become available, typically with a 3-6 month time lag (meaning that the selection window would be set to begin 3-6 months from the time of acceptance).

Candidates will have the option to accept an offer or to refuse and wait for another. We will make every effort to find a more suitable slot if the first one is turned down, but we cannot guarantee that one will be available.

Slots must be accepted by the Vice-Chancellor or equivalent official who is authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the entire institution. The obligations of both parties will be spelled out in detail in a Letter of Agreement between Seeding Labs and the awarded institution.

Deadline: 18 August 2023


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