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Working at Teach For India

Teach For India is on a journey to reach an India free of poverty and filled with love by ending educational inequity in our country. Twelve years into our journey we are a movement of 3800 Alumni working at all levels of the education system, who are reaching 1 in 10 children across the country. These Alumni have graduated from our two-year Fellowship Program where they taught in under-resourced classrooms to put 32,000 low-income children on a different life path. Today, we have 970 Fellows and are the largest pipeline of driven, skilled talent into the educational ecosystem in India.

In 2022, we embark on Phase 4, our fourth strategic phase. We have a bold and ambitious ten-year journey ahead of us that aims to grow 50,000 leaders, who will work collectively, and with love, to transform the lives of 1 in 10 low-income children in our regions, through an education that unleashes the potential of self, others and India. In this decade, five key priorities will lead us to this vision.

  • Strengthen our core Fellowship to build strong teacher leaders who provide an excellent and equitable education to our children and continue to do so beyond the Fellowship
  • Scale our impact by strategically introducing additional Fellowships as alternative pathways for leadership development
  • Match the Alumni of our programs at an intersection of their interests and the needs of the system and our children
  • Advocate for key issues that impact educational equity, and engage 3.5% of the population in the movement for educational equity
  • Act collectively with our Alumni to learn about and address key issues in our regions.

Our work will only be completed when we have built a movement of leaders that is large enough to ensure that every child in India attains an excellent education.

We pride ourselves as being a passionate, idealistic, mission-driven team of individuals. We’re committed to learning and excellence in our roles, and to being deeply rooted in our core values.

What Teach For India Can Offer You

  • The opportunity to be part of one of the most established and visionary movements in the education sector in India which is at a pivotal point in terms of expanding its scale and outreach across the nation and working with changemakers across the country.
  • A challenging yet flexible workplace in which every individual employee’s Staff journey is tracked for excellence and leadership development.
  • A work environment in which employees’ holistic well-being is a core priority, enabling people to be their best selves.
  • Access to connections and resources from the global Teach For All network that includes partner organizations spanning 50+ countries across 6 continents.
  • Remuneration that is competitive within the top quartile of the Indian NGO pay scales, and a benefits package that includes extensive medical insurance and maternity coverage for both parents.

Position Summary

Vision for the Role

Teach for India receives around 15,000 Fellowship applications each year. The Selection Team is responsible for choosing all (and only) the right candidates for our kids. While we have had a strong model and monitoring system in place, we might need to revisit many of these systems with an anticipated revamp in our selection model as well. The Fellowship Selection Manager will drive accurate and efficient implementation of the selection model, and design smooth systems for testing and piloting model changes while ensuring a fair, consistent and accurate outcome for all applicants at every stage of the process. 

What makes this role unique:

  • This role most directly impacts the selection funnel and through data analysis, systems and structures determine the accuracy of implementation of the selection model, course-correcting where necessary
  • Working towards reducing Type I and Type II errors through innovation, automation and digitization 

Team Overview

What skills and mindsets drive excellent teachers and how are these similar to or different from those that drive our greatest leaders? These are the questions, which guide the work of the Fellowship Selection Team at Teach For India. 

The Fellowship Selection Team is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the best possible makeup of our cohort. We conduct research and analysis to design a selection model, which will lead us to efficiently identify those likely to be excellent teachers and impactful leaders. We design and run systems and processes that ensure efficient and accurate execution of this model across 8 cities in India. All this, by training and supporting over 200 Staff, Fellows and Alumni to execute their roles as interviewers and reviewers. Outcomes are monitored and evaluated at each stage of our process to ensure all decisions are accurate and that every applicant has an experience, which is fair, consistent and leaves them as advocates of our movement. In short, we put teachers in classrooms who will transform the lives of every child they teach and who will, as Alumni work towards eliminating the wicked educational crisis in India. Our team is entering an exciting phase where we strive to maintain the stability of our operations while focusing on innovation and automation of our processes to prepare for scale and strong analysis to better measure the impact of our model. 


  • Enabling our team to effectively prepare for various stages of the selection process by making informed predictions
  • Studying the Applicant Pool Quality in each round to ensure the sustainability of our process – making data-driven recommendations to aid Recruitment & Selection Teams sense and adapt to changes.
  • Driving the team to ensure that each stage of the selection process is implemented within the set timeframe, with a focus on accuracy and efficiency of the decisions we make, via effective monitoring and evaluation systems (such as audits, checks, scrutiny, etc)
  • Studying the aforementioned decisions on an ongoing basis, to understand and contribute to the evolution of our process; making meaning of the model, documenting and communicating the learnings with the RSM teams consistently by means of reporting and analysis
  • Collaborating with Reviewer Training, Selector Training, and Model Development verticals to ensure alignment in strategy and to maximise learnings and impact
  • Managing the data and Salesforce systems end to end from the application form to the transfer of final insights to the matriculation and training and impact teams
  • Implementing the model through application reviews, phone interviews and selection at assessment centres 
  • Being a point of contact to Reviewers and Selectors and training and supporting them through the model implementation process 
  • Being an ambassador and advocate for the team internally and externally
  • Ad-hoc data and analysis to explore problem statements that come up as a part of the implementation process  

Minimum Qualifications, Experiences and Expectations

  • A belief that every child deserves an excellent education and that every single child has the ability to be successful academically whatever their background.
  • Exceptional English language communication skills – both written and verbal.
  • Ability to analyse complex data sets from varied sources (both quantitative and qualitative), drawing conclusions and identifying appropriate next steps.
  • Graduate (any field) with 2+ years of work experience, with exposure to data analytics
  • End-to-end project management experience (from vision setting to execution).

Preferred Qualifications, Experiences and Expectations

  • A background in research and analysis, statistical modelling, data visualization or advanced data management systems
  • Solution-oriented approach when faced with challenges, and ability to identify and implement solutions to complex challenges rapidly.
  • High sense of possibility and an anything-it-takes attitude.
  • Growth-oriented mindset and a drive to develop self as well as to challenge and improve existing systems and approaches.
  • Data-driven and results-oriented, yet with a ‘purpose-over-process’ approach to work.
  • Risk-taking appetite and ability to balance stability with innovation and experimentation
  • Excitement and stamina to work in a high-stakes, deadline-driven environment

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