Job Opportunity for Communications Manager/Lead at Inclusion Economics India Centre in New Delhi

Website Inclusion Economics India Centre

Employer: Inclusion Economics India Centre at IFMR/Krea University

Location: New Delhi, India

Who We Are:

Inclusion Economics India Centre is an initiative affiliated with Inclusion Economics at Yale University, founded and based out of the Yale Economic Growth Center and MacMillan Center. Inclusion Economics India Centre is based at, and accountable to, the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) Society, with strategic oversight from Krea University. Inclusion Economics India Centre collaborates with the Inclusion Economics at Yale University team to enable inclusive economies and societies through research and policy engagement. 

Drawing upon economics, political science, and related fields, we conduct cutting-edge research to understand how policy can promote inclusive, accountable economies and societies. Our core research focuses on gender as it relates to labor economics and broader economic empowerment; political economy and governance; and environmental economics. We also aim to build a culture of evidence and increase data literacy in the public sector, strengthening leaders’ ability to identify and implement evidence-informed policies. Throughout the research life cycle, we engage closely with policy counterparts to ensure we address questions of immediate relevance, and we regularly communicate data-driven insights with policy counterparts and the general public.

The Role:

The Communications Manager (or Communications Lead, depending on relevant experience and expertise) will build on organizational initiatives to consolidate and establish a communications function at Inclusion Economics India. This individual will have an excellent opportunity to translate research insights across studies in gender, governance, labor markets and environment-focused research-policy engagements to real-world influence, “connecting the dots” with research teams working across multiple studies to identify what message to communicate, and how to communicate it, to shape narratives and debates around issues fundamental to economic and social inclusion. The Communications Manager/Lead will have the opportunity to join a team of leading economists and public policy experts working from Yale University (anchored at Inclusion Economics Yale) and other universities that work on cutting-edge development research and help develop strategies to effectively communicate and translate our work to external stakeholders.


In collaboration with Inclusion Economics India and Inclusion Economics Yale leadership and staff, such as the Inclusion Economics Yale Communications Officer, develop and implement communication strategy for priority audiences, including policymakers, journalists, donor organisations etc. globally. This includes the following tasks:

  • Identifying effective means, mediums, and messages to compellingly translate research insights from single studies and multi-study portfolios to our target audiences, and to shape public discourse around topics to which we can speak.
  • Creating a list of media contacts and actively engaging with them, in order to build channels for publicity and knowledge sharing.
  • Developing and communicating engaging content through relevant mediums. This will include producing knowledge products and communications materials such as press releases, website feature stories, program brochures, event summary notes, identifying and capturing success stories, etc.
  • Identifying, articulating, and addressing communication-related fundraising needs in collaboration with Inclusion Economics India and affiliated teams.
  • Identifying and engaging relevant support staff or external consultants to support our communications work and goals, as enabled in part by fundraising efforts.
  • Designing platform-specific strategies (particularly, but not limited to, relevant digital engagement and social media platforms (newsletters, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.)., and curating and posting compelling platform-specific content in line with organizational priorities to engage priority audiences effectively.
  • Spearheading and overseeing execution of digital engagement efforts for brand building exercises such as virtual talk/dialogues series, podcasts, Twitter chat sessions, webinars, etc.
  • Collaborating with senior staff and internal stakeholders at all levels, including staff at Inclusion Economics Yale, to organise events such as policy dialogues, roundtables, etc., to effectively communicate research insights and engage with public debates on relevant topics. 
  • Monitoring and improving our communication activities using data-based strategies to ensure we effectively engage internal and external stakeholders. This is likely to include content audits that track and analyze metrics related to communications impact, and adjusting approaches to ensure reach, engagement, and influence meet our internal goals.
  • Monitoring latest communication-relevant trends and adopting sectoral best practices through data-backed innovation and experimentation.
  • Accommodating and supporting coordination across teams in multiple time zones and cultural milieu.
  • Other tasks, as required.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Master’s/Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism or related discipline.
  • A minimum 5-6 years of experience in communications/journalism and a minimum of three years of experience in research/development-oriented organisations.
  • Familiarity with the economics/development research and policy space.
  • A strong understanding of the media/journalism landscape in India, both in English and other languages.
  • A strong network of organisations and individuals in the media and journalism space.
  • Experience synthesizing research findings in a compelling, clear, and concise way for press briefs, website features, and other outreach materials.
  • Excellent attention to detail and writing skills.
  • Capacity to maintain an organized and structured work style in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and willingness to interact with a wide range of individuals ranging from research teams to academics, donors, research institutions, etc.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Willingness to visit research project sites and engage directly with our research and policy counterparts.
  • Working knowledge of Hindi.

How to Apply: 

If you are interested in this position, please fill out our Screening Questionnaire; you will be asked to upload a single PDF containing your CV and cover letter.  Label your file “Last name, First name – Communications Manager”. 

To apply for this job please visit