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Community Engagement Manager

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About Wadhwani Foundation (

Mission: Accelerating economic development in emerging economies through high-value job creation Objectives: Enabling the creation of 10M jobs and placement of 25M by 2030 across 20-25 emerging economies

Wadhwani Foundation is a not-for-profit with the primary mission of accelerating economic development in emerging economies by driving large-scale job creation through entrepreneurship, innovation and skills development. Founded in 2000 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, today the Foundation is scaling impact in 25 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America through various Initiatives.  More details on the various programs at the end of the document.

The Role Context: The Community Engagement Manager is responsible for building a positive relationship with our client-participants after they have completed a training intervention with WITP. They are a key contributor to bridging the gap between technology training to technology implementation for our participants in their respective departments. Their role will be to create a network of technology experts, who can be leveraged by our participants for project implementation. They will play pivotal role in ensuring all learning needs are fulfilled to enable participants apply their emerging technology learnings to action in their departments.

A few of the main duties of an engagement manager are assigning company resources and content to the client-participants, managing the client expectations, and working with them to identify potential areas for doing a project to implement the relevant technology with WITP. They also have to prepare reports on the progress of the projects, connections made and progress on resource and content consumption by our client-participants.

Key Responsibilities:

·    Build and foster relationships with technology subject matter experts (SME) community across India to connect them with our participants

·    Participate, leverage and anchor the tech-network to have increased tech-SME connects within the tech-community for WITP

·  Develop and execute creative strategies to engage with customers and other stakeholders on all online platforms, such as learning platforms, events & forums, social media platforms, messaging groups etc.

·  Identify and share valuable and relevant topical content (articles, written and video-based use cases and case studies, etc.) keep communities engaged periodically

·    Engage, determine and identify possible technology implementation projects from participants for WITP

·    Creating content for social media channels, blogs, email WITP campaigns, and other marketing communications.

·    Represent and amplify the stories, use cases, feedback, trends, and impact of our community to support our product building

·  Plan & execute offline event calendars with end-to-end ownership to drive community engagement.(from invitation, RSVPs to Testimonial Generations)

·  Organizing various community building initiatives to cultivate and grow participation in various company-owned forums. (invite them for refresher courses, webinars, and other related events of WITP.)

·   Generating meaningful customer feedback through surveys and interviews/meetings (virtual as well as in-person)

·  Observe, identify and recommend client-participants with specific project needs to mentor-pool to realize Proof of Concepts (POCs) and pilots as projects with WITP


Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

·   Minimum Graduate, B.E/ B.Tech is preferred. MBA/post-graduate degree from a reputed institute will be a plus

· You should have at least 10 years of experience in technology background, data science, machine learning, or related emerging technologies as a student/practitioner / SME (freelance or full-time).

·  Experience and background or exposure to having an understanding of emerging technologies and must have an active network / be a part of the technology network

·  You should have to experience in IT project management skills

·  Experience in having worked in governance and policy will be an asset but is not essential

· Ability to build and grow relationships. A strong network in India’s emerging technology Subject Matter Expert ecosystem would be preferred

·  Strong program and project management to execute multi-location programs

·  Familiarity with technology and communication tools – especially tools like Zoom, Teams, Google Hangout, etc.

·  Awareness of emerging technologies and work experience in emerging technology companies would be preferred.

Various Programs at Wadhwani Foundation:

1. Wadhwani Advantage: Accelerating the growth of tens of thousands of SMEs by providing personalized, on-demand knowledge and consulting resources through an AI-enabled mobile platform to create millions of new jobs.

2.  Wadhwani Entrepreneur: Inspiring, educating, and enabling Startup entrepreneurs

·   Wadhwani Venture Fastrack: Maximizes success rates of early-stage startups with enhanced business traction and funding opportunities

·   Wadhwani NEN: Empowers students with knowledge and skills through Courses and Startup Labs to create high-potential startups

·     Wadhwani Inspire: Establishes a nationwide culture of entrepreneurship

3. Wadhwani Opportunity: Empowering millions of students with 21st century employability skills that drive family supporting wages.

4. Wadhwani AI (a partner program): A first-of-its-kind AI research institute in the world – a non-profit dedicated exclusively to applying AI for social good.

5. Wadhwani Catalyst: Invest in high quality entrepreneurs with scalable business models across emerging markets, with a focus in India. The fund will catalyse businesses across sectors, with the overall objective of accelerating economic development by creating livelihoods/ jobs.

6.  Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP): Support government and civil society at large with the dual mission of – (1) Providing information, insights, and recommendations for the application of technology for policy making, policy implementation, and policy outcomes measurement. (2) Creating a Technology-focused Training Academy for upskilling policy makers, bureaucrats and technocrats with relevant technologies and the application of the same to their respective ministries and missions.  

Our Culture:

WF is a global not-for-profit, and works like a start-up, in a fast-moving, dynamic pace where change is the only constant and flexibility is the key to success.

Three mantras that we practice across job roles, levels, functions, programs and initiatives, are Quality, Speed, Scale, in that order.

We are an ambitious and inclusive organization, where everyone is encouraged to contribute and ideate. We are intensely and insanely focused on driving excellence in everything we do. 

We want individuals with the drive for excellence, and passion to do whatever it takes to deliver world class outcomes to our beneficiaries. We set our own standards often more rigorous than what our beneficiaries demand, and we want individuals who love it this way.

We have a creative and highly energetic environment – one in which we look to each other to innovate new solutions not only for our beneficiaries but for ourselves too. Open to collaborate with a borderless mentality, often going beyond the hierarchy and siloed definitions of functional KRAs, are the individuals who will thrive in our environment.

This is a workplace where expertise is shared with colleagues around the globe. Individuals uncomfortable with change, constant innovation, and short learning cycles and those looking for stability and orderly working days may not find WF to be the right place for them.

Finally, we want individuals who want to do greater good for the society leveraging their area of expertise, skills and experience.

The foundation is an equal opportunity firm with no bias towards gender, race, colour, ethnicity, country, language, age and any other dimension that comes in the way of progress.

Join us and be a part of us!

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