Job Opportunity for Lead (Partnerships) at Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in Ahmedabad

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Skills & Competencies required

  • This position will lead the fund-raising activities of the organization. This position is created to support program units in three major functions.
  • Developing partnerships with new institutional funding partners and individual philanthropists to match the resource requirement of various strategic programs.
  • Developing program briefs which can be communicated effectively to the new or existing donors.
  • Support program unit in developing new project proposals whenever required.
  • The person in this position will be required to work closely with program teams in the organization both at head office level and field level.  The position will also require close liaison with finance and HR departments to get the information related to preparing new project proposals.

Skills : 

  • Excellent communication skills for building new partnerships and maintaining existing partnerships with donors.
  • Ability to critically analyse and provide constructive recommendations.
  • Ability to innovate tools, processes etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent understanding of development sector projects, budgets, budget-heads and norms.
  • Willingness to learn, collaborate and transfer knowledge.
  • Respect for diversity including regional diversity, gender, religious diversity etc. in the organisation.            
  • Willingness to travel to meet various donors for networking purpose. 
  • Willingness to travel to field areas to develop new project proposals, whenever needed.  

Job Profile

  • Manage the system for creating funding pipeline based on budget projections of various programs of the organization for next three to five years. 
  • Acquire new donors for the organization both who are institutional donors as well as those who are individual donors.
  • Completing due diligence process of all new donors to establish their credibility before approaching them for partnerships.
  • Keeping track of all major national and international call for proposals by major donors.
  • Establishing a system where donor satisfaction is assessed and if required address their concerns.
  • Proactive communication with donors on use and impact of their funds by AKRSP(I).
  • Communication material or social media campaigns for attracting new donors to AKRSP(I).
  • Present summary of progress on partnership development, funding pipeline, Communications, donor satisfaction etc.
  • Whenever required help thematic program managers in preparing concept notes, budgets and financial analytics for new project proposals based on available information.
  • Update the progress of funding pipelines in various available tools.

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