Job Opportunity for M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Istri Project at Udhyam in Bengaluru

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About Udhyam:

At Udhyam Learning Foundation (Udhyam), our vision is to “Co-create a caring world, where people fearlessly pursue their potential”. 

Udhyam Vyapaar focuses on the nano business segment in India, a hugely underserved segment, and looks to solve large problems faced by this nano-entrepreneur base. To that end, our approach involves going deep and identifying problems that we can effectively solve at scale, thereby creating a positive impact for a large segment of these entrepreneurs.

To know more about us, please check out  our website. 

The Istri Project :

The Istri Project at Udhyam Vyapaar focuses on upgrading street side ironing vendors from coal based iron boxes to LPG ones. These are the vendors who stand on street corners and iron clothes for the residents of that neighbourhood.

The usage of coal as an input fuel for the iron boxes used by these vendors poses many challenges, from low productivity, to long term health issues. 

The LPG iron box is an innovation that addresses these problems & also delivers a significant livelihood impact to users.

Our model to scale this impact involves a three fold approach to solving the problems of Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability.

This model for market transformation is currently in place in Bangalore, and we are looking to scale this out to other cities,  thereby expanding the impact footprint.

Role & Responsibilities : 

– Designing data processes and streamlining data operations, to enable informed decision making as the project expands into more geographies.

– Supporting operational teams with the right tools and frameworks for reporting, measurement & decision making.

– Providing input basis data and ground level insights, to the planning and execution of different markets & various experiments.

– Innovating and providing inputs for iterations towards continuous improvement of the projects on ground.

– Working with third parties to conduct independent evaluations of the project, and dissemination of these reports, both internally as well as externally.

Required Skills & Experience :

– At least 3-5 years of experience in research, data & monitoring

– Experience with designing metrics and building data dashboards 

– Knowledge of impact measurement and putting together impact reports

– Technical competence in research methodologies, data tools and data operations

– Quantitative & qualitative analysis skills

– Strong result focus with an ability to set goals, plan & prioritize well, and evaluate progress and work quality against plans

– Competent problem solver, with an orientation to continuous learning

Location : Bengaluru

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