Job Opportunity for Operations Lead – Istri Project at Udhyam in Bengaluru

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About Udhyam:

At Udhyam Learning Foundation (Udhyam), our vision is to “Co-create a caring world, where people fearlessly pursue their potential”. 

Udhyam Vyapaar focuses on the nano business segment in India, a hugely underserved segment, and looks to solve large problems faced by this nano-entrepreneur base. To that end, our approach involves going deep and identifying problems that we can effectively solve at scale, thereby creating a positive impact for a large segment of these entrepreneurs.

To know more about us, please check out  our website. 

The Istri Project :

The Istri Project at Udhyam Vyapaar focuses on upgrading street side ironing vendors from coal based iron boxes to LPG ones. These are the vendors who stand on street corners and iron clothes for the residents of that neighbourhood.

The usage of coal as an input fuel for the iron boxes used by these vendors poses many challenges, from low productivity, to long term health issues. 

The LPG iron box is an innovation that addresses these problems & also delivers a significant livelihood impact to users.

Our model to scale this impact involves a three fold approach to solving the problems of Awareness, Accessibility & Affordability.

This model for market transformation is currently in place in Bangalore, and we are looking to scale this out to other cities,  thereby expanding the impact footprint.

The Role & Responsibilities:

We’re looking for someone to be part of the core team, to drive the operations as we scale across different cities.

– A strong operational focus, and an ability to work with multiple moving parts and to oversee and manage the on-ground implementation team’s work, is critical.

– The role would involve working with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external.

– It includes tactical as well as strategic problem solving, and involves decisions such as the overall expansion plan for the project, as well as more tactical decision making within the specific ambit of a given geography.

– A strong orientation towards data driven decision making is also critical to the success of the project.

You would be a good fit if you…

– Have experience with handling operations at scale

– Have worked with diverse teams

– Are quick to learn and iterate, from data/field insights

– Are a self-starter, and are comfortable dealing with ambiguity

– Ability to speak at least one South Indian language would be a plus point

Location : Bengaluru

Work experience: 6 to 10 years

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