Job Opportunity for Program Specialist (TTT) at TNS India Foundation in Bengaluru

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Job Description:

● Establishing and managing strong partnerships with Tier 3 and Tier 4 colleges

●Equipping stakeholders such as college faculty members and principals to impart job-readiness training to college students.

●Assimilating and analyzing data from the technology platform, and providing targeted insights and recommendations to college faculty members on student performance and needs.

●Conducting in-class observation sessions and providing feedback to college faculty members

●Conducting Focus Group Discussions (FGD) with college faculty members and students to understand program strengths and opportunities for improvement

●Following up with college faculty members for course completion, documentation, assignments etc. as the need may arise

●Supporting college faculty members to prepare students to apply for placement opportunities

●Supporting college faculty members to maintain student and program data in relevant trackers and dashboards

●Collating case studies and other program collateral

●Providing other support as the role may require


Program Specialists will typically work with colleges on a full-time basis. They will work within the challenging college ecosystems in Bangalore and engage actively with key stakeholders of the program including students, parents, and college staff and administrators.

The role of the Program Specialist involves forming strong partnerships with tier 3 and tier 4 colleges to enroll final-year students in the program. Majority of the students are first generation learners, thus, creating awareness about the importance of working in formal sector jobs is an important aspect of the job role.

The role will equip and support designated college faculty members to:

1. Mobilize colleges and on-board interested students to the program

2. Encourage students to complete the training modules (on Communication Readiness, Personal Development, Work Readiness, Interview Readiness, and Digital Literacy) available on the technology platform

3. Conduct supplementary training sessions for students through in-person sessions

4. Conduct parent engagement sessions so that parents can support their children through counselling, ensuring students have a smooth transition from Campus to Corporate.

5. Prepare students to apply for and clear job interviews

6. Maintain databases and dashboards

This role will also be responsible for collecting and analyzing data from the technology platform, and providing guided strategies and insights to college faculty members so that they can support students to successfully complete the training program and secure formal sector jobs. Additionally, the Program Specialist will be required to conduct program research through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to understand the strengths and areas of improvement for the program.

They will additionally be accountable for managing relationships with college partners by providing senior college administrators with regular updates and effectively engaging with them in all program activities.

The Program Specialist should be willing to innovate and improvise on the program to build a truly exciting youth employability experience for the students. It is the goal of the Specialist to drive a positive behaviour change towards formal sector employment and ensure all participants embark on their first job. The role calls for highly motivated, solution-oriented development sector professionals, looking to make real impact with the youth they work with.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

● 2-4 years of work experience in stakeholder and student engagement (including internships and volunteer work)

● Demonstrated excellence in college, internships and extra-curricular work

● Top tier graduate and/or postgraduate degree (preferred)

● Experience in soft skills training (preferred)

● Ability to organize and analyze data in MS Excel, and provide recommendations based on data

● Ability to work in a diverse team and under pressure

● Comfortable working in an online mode

● Excellent written and oral communication skills

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