Job Opportunity For Senior Dialysis Technician At Hans Foundation In Dehradun

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The key responsibilities of this position are as given below:

  • Maintaining dialysis machines and equipment.
  • Cleaning dialysis machines and equipment.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the machine are the dialysis treatment.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the surrounding area of the machine before the dialysis treatment can take place, so that the patient does not get infected.
  • Monitoring the water treatment.
  • The reprocessing of the dialyzer.
  • Observing patients during treatment to monitor for signs of medical emergencies.
  • Assisting with any patient questions or concerns.
  • Educating patients on dialysis.
  • Making alterations to treatment to maintain safe application.
  • Working with nurses and doctors to administer the correct treatment for each Explaining the dialysis process to patients and their families.
  • Monitoring the vascular access of the patient.
  • Teaching patients about additional health care to enhance positive dialysis results.
    Prep patients and give local anaesthesia.
  • Create written reports on patient progress for doctors.
  • Participating in the quality improvement of the centre.
  • Taking good and efficient care of the patient.
  • Document the pre-dialysis specifications, which are inclusive of the weight of the patient, the temperature of the patient, and the other vital signs of the patient.


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