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About the role

The Senior Manager, Human Resources Development & Talent Acquisition will partner closely with all teams across our growing organization. The focus of this role is to assess, coach and influence as we scale and evolve to enable our teams to accomplish amazing things. At Madhi, our culture shapes who we are and how we operate. We need someone who is just as passionate about the culture as they are about their core responsibilities as an HR Leader. The ideal candidate is a builder – someone who can come in with a willingness and an ability to build HR Operations and Programs from the ground up. You will own and heavily influence everything from Career Mapping and Performance Management programs, to bonus & incentive planning, Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development.

The challenges you will help solve in this role:

  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – At Madhi, we live by this philosophy everyday. As a Senior Manager, you will be expected to align with the philosophy and together build an organisational culture that complements Madhi’s goals and aspirations.
  • The average age of the team at Madhi is 28 years old. This means we are a team of highly-driven, ambitious and committed individuals (mostly millennials!) whose aspirations and motivations are not limited just to money or a promotion. As the Senior Manager People and Culture, you will be responsible to understand deeply the learning and development aspirations of such a team and support the team in achieving those personal and professional goals
  • Over the past 5 years, we have grown from a team of 5 to a team of 25 currently and are likely to grow exponentially to a team of 150 soon. This will require us to strengthen our hiring practices, set up systems that look at hiring strategies for candidates from Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns along with continuing to hire for a diverse core team in Chennai. As the Senior Manager, you will need to lead from the front to identify talent pipelines, create exciting JDs and find Madhi the right kind of talent.
  • We are an outcome-driven organisation and we do not obsess over clocking in and clocking out. As the Senior Manager, you will be responsible to identify ways in which we can hold ourselves accountable to a high bar of excellence with a singular focus on outcomes by setting up systems that let us keep our eye on the ball at all times
  • We are a people first organisation which means we do whatever it takes to make Madhi a safe and comfortable and enjoyable place for the team to work at. We are also a small, growing team which means everyone does everything, many a time. As the Senior Manager, you will be expected to operate without inhibitions, doing whatever it takes to make Madhi a great place to work at. On some days this may look like ensuring the roof is not leaking and on others this may look like you sitting in on a discussion resolving conflict among team members
  • A small part of your role will also intersect with Finance. Ensuring the team receives their salaries on time without any discrepancies will be the responsibility of the Finance associate that you will manage and you will be required to ensure the end of month processes are smooth and to a great extent, automated

The job description:

Below is an indicative set of responsibilities you will be required to lead as part of your role. We believe that a job description is best created collaboratively where the individual joining the team and the senior leadership team together define the role in greater detail so it reflects your aspirations and ambitions as much as it does the organisation’s needs. A detailed description will be jointly created once the selection process has been completed and you have accepted our offer of employment.

In this role some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Setting up processes, systems and habits that help nurture Madhi’s organisational culture
  • Creating a robust Human Capital Management strategy (from acquisition to Learning and
  • Development to performance evaluation) for Madhi along with the CEO and your team and lead its execution through the year
  • Assist the CEO in modelling the annual HCM budget and ensure that the HCM processes of the organisation are streamlined to ensure adherence
  • Supervise effective execution of HR Operations systems such as payroll, HRIS, goal setting process etc. to ensure optimal organisational efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Design Human Resources policies that are fair, transparent, compliant and in alignment to Madhi’s core values
  • You will thrive in this role if you:Have lead people management at a nonprofit or a start-up
  • Look at the human capital management function from an unconventional lens
  • Are deeply people-oriented and understand the complex relationship humans have with work
  • Understand the motivations behind people who choose to work in the development sector
  • Posses a growth mindset and are comfortable seeking solutions for problems that you may not immediately have an understanding of
  • Have prior experience in setting up rigorous selection processes for small to mid-sized organizations
  • Have prior experience in developing targeted Learning & Development experiences for diverse teams
  • Possess demonstrable leadership skills and a resilient entrepreneurial mindset
  • Have outstanding formal written communication skills in English
  • Have impeccable planning and task tracking skills

Prerequisites include:

  • At least 6-10 years of relevant work experience in people management roles with a minimum of 4 years in a managerial position
  • Experience of having directly managed a team of at least 3-5 mid-level managers
  • Experience in the education/development sector would be an added advantage
  • A degree in a relevant field of study from a reputed institution
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and all Google Suite applications
  • At least spoken knowledge of Tamil language

This role will report to: CEO
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Remuneration: 10 – 13 lakhs per annum
Please note: You will be expected to bring your own laptop, with updated software (MS Office 2016)
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