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Position Summary
Reporting to: Director, Careers

Directly Managing: Associate, Student Alumni

Over the last decade, Teach For India has graduated over 14,000 students from our classrooms. As we continue to grow this pool, the organization has adopted a three-pronged strategy for our student alumni.

(1) From grade 8-10, while they are with us, we will create WhatsApp communities for collective support and learning so that students learn to independently leverage their own network for support and guidance;

(2) In grade 10, we will ensure we have captured all the relevant data to be able to stay in touch with our children as they move out of Teach For India classrooms;

(3) Beyond grade 10, we will curate partnerships and job and learning opportunities for our students to access as they pursue a career of their choice. The Senior Manager, Student Alumni will be responsible for providing guidelines to our program on how to create many-to-many support communities, gathering information about our Student Alumni, and curating opportunities and partnerships including scholarships, college and job opportunities. Key responsibilities will include:

As a Senior Manager, Student Alumni:

Providing guidance and direction  :

  • Providing guidelines to our program on recommended ways to create many-to-many WhatsApp support communities.
    Database Management  :
  • Set up an efficient system for the accurate collection of student alumni data.
  • Oversee the collection and regular updation of the data.
  • Provide guidelines for accessibility of data to relevant stakeholders.
  • Identify a portal or platform to share data that will enable student alumni to stay connected, access resources, and explore opportunities for continuous learning.
  • Creating Partnerships and identifying opportunities
  • Curate scholarship and college opportunities for student alumni as they graduate grade 10.
  • Forge partnerships with employers to invite them to hire from our student Alumni pool.
  • Put systems in place for regions to curate and foster local partnerships and opportunities.
  • Exploring the work of our partners to evolve our strategy and approachConduct research, Identify relevant landscape trends, and engage in benchmarking exercises to draw insights and develop a long-term strategy for our work with Student Alumni.
    As a People Manager :
  • Building a robust pipeline of talent to lead the organization.
  • Managing and coaching the team members to achieve ambitious outcomes.
  • Driving engagement, growth, and retention of team members.
  • Engineering and overseeing a monitoring and evaluation system, coupled with strategic direction, to guide our abilities to improve continuously.
    As a Senior Manager at Teach For India:
  • Contributing to the team goals and priorities beyond individual goals and priorities.
  • Driving internal alignment and support for Teach For India’s core Programs.
  • Serving as an ambassador of Teach For India and an advocate for our work and for educational equity in our country through both internal and external communication after committing time in our classrooms to understand our work more deeply.
  • Supporting with key organisational areas such as Recruitment, Selection, Fundraising, Volunteering, Movement Building

Minimum Qualifications, Experiences and Expectations:

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in partnership roles (e.g. public relations, government relations, management consulting, business development)
  • Project management experience
  • Experience of having built strong relationships and having influenced others without authority to deliver ambitious outcomes
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • A member of the Teach For India community is preferred (but not required)
  • We want to hear your unique voice and perspectives through the process, hence all applicants are expected to personally author statements of purpose/essays in the application form. 
  • Sole use of AI or Chat-GPT based tools may lead to disqualification from the process.


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