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Diksha Foundation offers holistic education to learners from socially and economically marginalized communities in India. Since 2010, Diksha’s movement has been towards creating “transformative learning spaces”. Our idea of education is not confined to mere literacy alone, we focus on the holistic education of the learner by looking at the social, creative and moral development of each student. Holistic education stresses on the overall development of an individual which includes core academics, emotional development, social skills with civic understanding, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution skills, personality development and knowledge about self. While seeking to educate the whole person the basic three R’s – Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life, are taken into consideration. We believe that education is a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-esteem, and that it is a process of change from within, a change in one’s habits and world views and one’s Relationships and Responsibilities towards the community.

Project: (Patna Smart City) Sustainable and inclusive urbanization in Patna

Diksha foundation is an implementing partner under United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) collaboration on the above project. The project seeks to transform city of Patna as a socially inclusive city, where citizens have equal access to services and opportunities, and thereby focusses on most vulnerable sections in the urban setting, namely Sanitation Workers and Slum Dwellers. The project seeks to empower the sanitation workers under Patna Municipal Corporation on health, safety and leadership, and seeks to work extensively with the Sanitation worker community, including women and adolescents whose habitation is primarily slums. The project has directly been working across 50 large slums of Patna. Now, the up scaling phase, “Sustainable and inclusive urbanization in Patna; Promoting safe, Healthy and inclusive models for slum development” aims to Reduce gender and health (including sexual and reproductive health) vulnerabilities in slums through citizen engagement in the development of slum by: Increasing the capacities of ward councillors on citizen engagement for gender and right based slum development, Empowering women and girls by collectivising and engaging them to participate in gender and right based slum development activities , Improving health, safety and dignity of sanitation workers/manual scavengers by building their capacities on Health, safety and constitutional rights. Empowering girls and women from sanitation worker/manual scavenging community to address health hazards through enterprise promotion.

Job Description

The senior trainer, will lead a team of professionals (Out Reach worker) at field level and will be responsible for achieving the quality standards set out for this project. He/She should be well versed with UNFPA focussed area related to Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Gender and Right based development interventions, problems and issues of women and youth in urban spaces, on the act and government guidelines on Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act.

As part of the work, the senior trainer, will be responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of the Project, work closely with field staff, and will undertake frequent field visits to the project geographies i.e., to slums for handholding field staff and providing supportive supervision to the team in training of youth, women groups and change agents. He/She will support in formulating the Joint Liability groups (JLGs) for mechanised cleaning and for sanitary napkin units. Also, He/She would be coordinating with the Joint Liability Groups formed for building their capacities in coordination with the supervisor allocated. He/She will be responsible for ensuring that all UNFPA key issues are being incorporated or addressed at the implementation level of the project at field level. He/She will ensure that best practices at field are being recorded and shared at higher level. The senior trainer will act as an important unit between the field officials of PMC and Diksha. Further, He/She will regularly organise internal meetings and regularly asses the field team on their understanding on the project and for requirement of capacity building sessions on topics to be delivered in groups meeting. Also, apprise Diksha officials on weekly and monthly basis on field activities. S/he will have the following duties and responsibilities:

1.      Collectivisation and strengthening of groups

·        Prepare women and youth collective engagement strategy

·        Handhold/support outreach workers on field in conducting meetings with women and Youth collective

·        Provide supportive supervision to outreach worker in organising community actions for community change at slum level

·       Work closely with outreach workers to handhold them and monitor the field level project activities 

·       Identify activities, timeline, and order for completion of the project

·       To ensure that the meetings with women and Youth collective are done on regular basis

·       To ensure quality of the meeting happening at ground level through regular visits to slums

·       Engage youth and adolescents in social actions especially in relation to SRHR, Gender issues and slum development activities

·       Help outreach workers to understand and prepare educational material for conducting meetings with groups, change agents and community members

·       Assist in community mobilization & conducting meetings 

·       Assist in the implementation of various project activities like mobilisation for campaigns and health camps and organising events at field level

·      Coordinate interactions/meetings with collective members along with the supervisor of the JLGs

·        Conduct workshops, training sessions on health including sexual and reproductive health, gender and right based slum development, adolescent education (Life skill education), schemes and entitlements for eligible youth to the collective member’s one topic to be covered in one meeting and subsequently a community action in another meeting of the same month.

·        To conduct such workshop with JLG members also in coordination with Supervisors of the JLGs.

·        To read and understand the training material develop for women and youth collective, practical handbook, activity plans, engagement strategies for change agents and community members

·        Engage youth and adolescents in social actions especially in relation to SRHR and Gender

·       To engage with Sanitation workers and nurture 200 individuals from Sanitation Workers to become the change agents.

2.      Training and Capacity Building

·       Undertake regular handholding training of the collectives of the given slum areas.

·       Provide  support in the training of sanitation workers and change agents on health, leadership and constitutional rights on field

·       To read and understand the training material develop for change agents and sanitation workers

·       Regularly interact with women and adolescent collective members in the slums in identifying key gaps in access to basic services and schemes or entitlements or gender based violence or cases of potential child marriages, and proactively work to address those gaps through trainings and capacity building and communicating the same to the designated supervisor regularly.

·       Ensure execution of  implementation of social action campaigns on key gender issues, including Child Marriage, gender based sex selection, gender based violence and reproductive rights and other prevailing social issues

·       Support Communication team in documenting the field level best practices by providing details and case studies from the field on regular basis.

·       Providing support to outreach workers in organising community event occasions, including international women’s day, international day of girl child, and 16 days of activism against gender based violence.

3.      Monitoring, Record Keeping and Reporting

 ·      Report and update field activities with project manager and share the scope of improvement and issue faced on field

·      Prepare the Project MIS -Maintain updated information in the MIS based on reports received through reporting and monitoring format.

·      Keep track of expenses and budget used for field activities

·      Determine personnel, supplies, equipment, and other resources needed for the project

·      Undertake regular field visits for monitoring and provide technical support and data verification 

·      Conduct evaluations to identify areas of improvement

·      Prepare field-level project reports as per specified format 

·      Determine the overall effectiveness of programs and make improvements

·      Observe and evaluate the results of the collective engagement and training program

·      Quality-checks of Outreach worker in conducting training and facilitating field activities.


·       Post-Graduate/Graduate in social work, sociology, labour and development studies, education, or any other related field from any reputed university.

·       Minimum of two-year relevant work experience with similar non-profit organizations.

·       Demonstrated knowledge and experience of implementation of social development projects. 

·       Ability to work and deliver under strict deadlines.

·       Individual contributor as well as a team player.

·       Ability to work with cross-functional departments especially government departments and international aid agencies 

·       Good communicator, who can put forth her/his, views in a polite manner with an ability to bring consensus.

·       Skilled in Spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentations.

·       Management software would be a plus


·       Training and Development

·       Paid Time Off

Maximum Salary would be up to Rs.21,000 per month 

Diksha Foundation is an equal opportunity employer. We are working towards diversifying our workforce. Women candidates are strongly encouraged.

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