Funding Opportunity: ASA Emergency Grants Program

About the Organization

Founded in 2011, the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) has grown into a global network of partners committed to a sustainable future for amphibians. Our alliance is fueled by a collective dedication to coordinated conservation action, which we actively promote and facilitate through an ever-expanding, engaged, and collaborative partnership worldwide.

Amphibians are more than just fascinating creatures; they are essential indicators of environmental health and contributors to human well-being. They serve crucial functions in ecosystems, offer potential medical benefits, and have even facilitated Nobel Prize-winning advances in developmental biology. However, they are currently the most threatened vertebrate group, facing a myriad of challenges including habitat destruction, disease, and climate change. Their decline mirrors broader environmental and societal challenges, making their conservation a shared responsibility.

About the Grant

The Amphibian Survival Alliance recognizes the urgent need for immediate action in critical situations that threaten the survival of amphibian species or populations. Our Emergency Grants are designed to provide rapid financial support for on-the-ground conservation efforts that directly address these imminent threats, especially those that could lead to extinction within a short timeframe. We prioritize projects that can provide strong evidence of the urgency and are designed for quick implementation.

We prioritize projects that align with the following:

  • Imminent threats to species or populations
  • Direct actions that are likely to prevent extinction
  • Strong evidence justifying the urgency
  • Time-sensitive projects requiring weeks-to-months for completion
  • Grant Size

Our grants offer up to $5,000 in funding to support these emergency conservation actions.


  • Both organizations and individuals who can meet the stringent criteria for emergency action are eligible to apply.
  • The application must demonstrate an imminent threat expected to cause extinction of the target species or population within 6 months.
  • Proposed actions should directly address the threat and be likely to prevent extinction if implemented quickly.
  • Strong evidence must be provided to justify the urgency and the likelihood of extinction without intervention.
  • The project should be designed to be executed within a weeks-to-months timeframe.
  • If the project involves ex situ components, coordination with Amphibian Ark is possible and should be mentioned in the application.

How to Apply

A completed Emergency Grant application form must be submitted, detailing the threat, proposed actions, evidence of urgency, and expected outcomes.

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