Funding Opportunity: Asian Youth Mental Wellbeing Fund by AVPN

About the Organization

A leading ecosystem builder that moves capital towards impact. As Asia’s #1 social investment network, we are an ecosystem builder that works to increase the flow of capital towards impact in Asia, ensuring that resources are most effectively deployed.

At AVPN, we approach social investment as a continuum of capital, in which funders may combine grants, debts and equity across multiple investments within their own portfolio, to achieve deeper impact.

AVPN as a platform to connect, lead and learn. We are about helping our members connect with each other, learn from one another, and lead the sector to achieve systemic change.

We achieve this through 5 pillars: mobilising capital, building impact communities, creating resources and tools, running an Academy, and organising events to distil learnings and best practices for practitioners.

About the Grant

Empower, Inspire and Transform Youth Mental Wellbeing through the power of Multi-Year Flexible Funding.

As a regional ecosystem builder, we have launched the Youth Mental Wellbeing Philanthropic Pooled Fund to increase accessibility of youth mental wellbeing services across the region.

Despite substantial research advances demonstrating what can be done to promote mental wellbeing among young people, translation into real-world effects are lagging behind. In Asia, problems arising from poor mental health and wellbeing are the second largest contributor to years of health life lost to disability and many treatment gaps still persist.

Our goal is to raise USD 3 million to strengthen and scale transformative impact organisations that are working to address accessibility to quality, evidence-based mental health services for youth communities in Asia.

Besides deploying financial capital through the fund, we will also work with the funders to provide non-financial support to grantees through corporate volunteering engagement opportunities.

Impact Areas:

With this fund, we are committed to tackling challenges youth face in the mental health and wellbeing space to:

Improve individual mental health and wellbeing outcomes for youth
Advances SDG 3 and SDG 17 for youths in vulnerable communities in Asia.
Improve equity levels of mental wellbeing among vulnerable communities in Asia
In achieving these youth mental health outcomes also have spillover effects in other areas, such as education, livelihood, and poverty alleviation.

To address ecosystem-level barriers to mental health among youths, these are examples of some solutions we will support:

Mental wellbeing awareness program
Mental wellbeing advocacy platforms
Coordinated comprehensive mental wellbeing care
Capacity building and training for mental wellbeing care
Community based treatment programmes
Behavioural change communication
Outreach and re-integration of affected youth into the society
Community driven initiatives focusing on social emotional resilience
Support social safety net programmes for affected youths
Employment and Entrepreneurial skills development of affected youth
Expected Outcomes:

Support and foster scalable and effective solutions formulated by credible, robust nonprofit organisations
Unite a community of funders that bring scale and sustainability to a common portfolio
Reduce long-term structural barriers for solutions aimed at mental wellbeing of youths in region.
In achieving these youth mental wellbeing outcomes also have spillover effects in other areas, such as education, livelihood, and poverty alleviation.


We’re seeking to support Impact Organisations championing for accessible and scalable youth mental wellbeing/health services who meet our baseline eligibility criteria:

Registered Non-Profit Organisation / Charity / Intermediary (Non-Profit) working with impact organisations within the focus area of this fund.
Operates in Singapore, Malaysia, and India with the following annual operating budgets in the last 1 year.
India – INR 6.1 – 10 cr

Malaysia – MYR 1.5 – 3.3 million

Singapore – SGD 1 – 1.5 million

Organisations with more than three (3) years of youth mental wellbeing engagement experience
Should NOT be the following:
Religious organisation (e.g. church, synagogue, mosque etc.)
Consortium (only single application is allowed)
Included in the US or EU sanctions list, nor blacklisted by any UN or international agency
How to Apply

Deadline: 8 SEPTEMBER 2023

The team has decided to proceed with a more targeted application process. Interested parties may fill in the Expression of Interest form; selected applicants will then be asked to complete the official application form. To receive the Expression of Interest form, please write to

For more information, visit: Link

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