Funding Opportunity: Habitat Trust Grant

About the Organization

The Habitats Trust has a special focus on the conservation of lesser-known species and habitats that are threatened, but often neglected and are in urgent need of conservation attention. From working on the conservation of the Indian Pangolin – the world’s most trafficked mammal, saving the Great Indian Bustard with fewer than 150 individuals surviving in the wild, or restoring coral reef ecosystems of which approximately 75% are threatened by human activity today, The Habitats Trust has been at the forefront of generating conservation action for these seldom highlighted causes.

About the Grant

The Habitats Trust Grants recognises and supports conservation organisations and individuals, who work to conserve India’s natural habitats and native species of flora and fauna, especially the lesser-known species and neglected habitats. The Grants aim to support holistic, innovative, and replicable conservation projects.

Grants For Organisations/Individuals:

THT Conservation Grant ( 1,00,00,000) – The THT Conservation Grant supports organisations that focus on India’s conservation challenges, especially for lesser-known species and critical habitats.

The grants are intended towards promoting holistically designed conservation efforts. The grant is only open to organisations. It will be administered for three years and be given to two shortlisted applicants.

THT Action Grant ( 25,00,000) – The THT Action Grant supports individuals and organisations, who are working towards on-ground action conservation projects, which focus on lesser-known species and/or habitats that require urgent conservation intervention.

The grant is open to organisations and individuals. It will be administered for two years and be given to three shortlisted applicants.

THT Seed Grant ( 3,00,000) – THT Seed Grant aims to fill an urgent and critical gap in conservation action, focussing mostly on lesser-known species and critical habitats. The grant will be administered for up to one year.

How to Apply

For the THT Conservation Grant and THT Action Grant, we are accepting applications from May 3, 2023 to June 5, 2023. The THT Seed Grant is open for applications all year round.

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