Funding Opportunity: Suez Canal Grant

About the Organization

The Fondation SUEZ supports projects providing the most vulnerable with better access to essential services in emerging and developing countries. In France, the Fondation focuses on social integration and cohesion.

About the Grant   

By supporting our partners’ projects, we are favouring access to essential services – water, sanitation, and waste management – for underprivileged populations in developing countries. In France, we are combating social exclusion whilst respecting the participation and dignity of all.

The SUEZ Foundation supports concrete actions in favor of:

  • access to essential services (water, sanitation and waste) for underprivileged populations in emerging and developing countries where SUEZ operates
  • social integration of vulnerable people, through employment and training, in France;
  • social cohesion through  education, culture and sports in France for young people in vulnerable areas ;
  • emergency aid in emerging and developing countries and in France.

Access to essential services – Sustainable and replicable actions to reinforce the autonomy of underprivileged populations in developing countries.

Social insertion – Sustainable and replicable actions to contribute towards the insertion of people made vulnerable by the loss of social ties or who are too far removed from formation or employment structures in France.

Social cohesion –  Actions aimed at improving integration and living together in France, for young adults and minors, in priority areas (REP, QPV, fragile rural areas).

Emergency – Support projects in developing countries or in France in the context of emergency conditions, whether health emergencies, humanitarian crises, natural or climatic disasters for affected populations, or vulnerable, strongly weakened by a climate crisis, social or conflict.

The Fondation SUEZ wants to contribute to projects working towards achieving the Untied Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.

Through its support, the Fondation SUEZ wishes to:

  • Renforce the expertise of local players and circulate expertise by supporting actions to professionalize services, put in place specific training programmes and foster networking between players.
  • Boost innovation and research applied to the realities of the field in developing countries, namely via the organisation of a Prize to reward and promote innovative projects having proven their worth and which can be replicated.
  • Contribute to the sustainability and replicability of impact or potential impact projects (innovation, new model…)

It bases its action on a set of principles:

  • The active involvement of the populations concerned, which is the first step towards their autonomy,
  • The reinforcement of knowledge and skills, through awareness and training of all stakeholders: populations and local actors,
  • The sustainability of projects,
  • Support for innovation,
  • Co-commitment with partners, in a relationship based on mutual respect, listening and co-construction.

The Foundation can contribute maximum up to 50% maximum of the project’s total budget.


The Foundation supports projects proposed by project initiators:

  • with an associative legal status, a Foundation or Endowment Fund status recognized as being of public utility
  • which have been legally established for at least 2 years prior to the date of the submission of the project application

The Foundation gives priority to applicants possessing local divisions or reporting a very close partnership with a local structure, facilitating project follow-up and an ex-post follow-up of the projects.

How to Apply

All new projects must be submitted via the following link:

The application can be accompanied by attachments. For Access to Essential Services projects, applicants must submit:

  • A letter from the decentralized, competent local authorities for the territory and / or intervention field concerned by the project.
  • A letter from the local, foreign partner(s) – or a partnership agreement if one exists – This letter (or agreement) must set out details of the nature and level of involvement of each of the parties.

Deadline: October 30th

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