Funding Opportunity: MQ Mental Health Transdisciplinary Research Grant

About the Organization

We champion and fund world-class research to transform the lives of everyone affected by a mental health condition. Between 2020-2025, we are honing our focus on the areas we believe are most vital and where we can have the greatest impact. After years of learning and listening, we believe this new five-year framework offers the opportunity for innovative and lasting change in the mental health landscape.

About the Grant

This funding opportunity from MQ Mental Health Research and Wellcome aims to support researchers outside psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience to apply bold and novel ideas and methods from their discipline to mental health science. We seek to bring ambitious ideas and new thinking from different academic disciplines and backgrounds to make contributions to mental health science and drive breakthroughs in prevention and treatment of depression, anxiety, or psychosis.

The chosen awardees (individuals or small teams) will have 6 months to review the relevant literature and produce a viewpoint paper of publishable standard (for example, as a review, personal view, position paper, or comment) of up to 3,500 words, as well as a single-page summary.

This pilot scheme will provide funding of up to £50,000 (GBP) for a period of 6 months. Funds must be used for direct research costs such as materials, supplies, personnel, and travel to the extent that such expenses are directly related to the proposed project.

  • We will fund innovative and bold ideas to advance the field of mental health science and further our understanding of what causes mental health conditions or supports their resolution, and how we can personalise and improve pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to prevent and treat depression, anxiety, and psychosis.
  • Proposed projects should include novel applications of methods and concepts from domains outside of mental health science to accelerate progress in early intervention for depression, anxiety, or psychosis.
  • We encourage applicants to consider how they will incorporate patient and public perspectives in their proposed projects. MQ will support awardees in embedding patient and public involvement in their research through genuine and meaningful partnership with patients and the public in design, delivery and dissemination of research.

Career Level: All career levels: Early-career, mid-career, and established researchers

Research Area: Individuals or teams from any academic discipline or background outside mental health science including but not limited to:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Economics, social and political sciences
  • Basic sciences, e.g. physics, mathematics
  • Engineering and physical sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Biotechnology and biological science


  • Projects should have one lead applicant responsible for creating and submitting the application. The lead applicant will be accountable for completion of grant activities and financial management of the grant.
  • Applicants should only act as lead applicant or co-applicants on one application.
  • Lead applicants should identify a host institution which will act as the lead applicant’s employer for the duration of the award. Host organisations hosting the MQ grant must be able to provide the applicant with a contract of employment for the duration of the award.
  • Team applicants should clarify the distinct roles and responsibilities of each co-applicant involved.

How to Apply

Expression of Interest: All applicants should submit an expression of interest via our grants management system Flexi-Grant by 8 September 2023 13:00 (UK time). You will be asked to provide:

  • Details about the applicant/s (employment, education/training, career stage)
  • Breakdown of funds requested
  • Project summary of up to 800 words outlining aims and objectives, background and rationale, work plan, and potential outcomes
  • Lay summary of proposed project

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