Funding Opportunity: DCM Shriram AgWater Challenge

Scope of the challenge

Are you working in Agri-water use efficiency, irrigation tech and farmer productivity? 

DCM Shriram Foundation & The/Nudge Prize invites leading AgTech innovators & Agri Social Entrepreneurs from across the globe to develop & scale demonstrable solutions for Indian smallholder farmers (SHF) growing fine cereals (rice or wheat) or cash crops (sugarcane or cotton). 

  • improve cropping water efficiency or reducing water consumption by at least 40-60%
    ( 60% for rice | 40% for wheat | 30% for cotton | 50% for sugarcane)
  • improve farmer profitability by at least 40-50% through better SHF package of practices
  • ​​deliver these tech intervention at costs not more than 20% of the cost of cultivation
  • demonstrate a verifiable pool of 5,000 SHF (or, 5,000 hectares) by the end of the challenge

For a detailed outline of the challenge, click here.

For Applying visit link

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