Funding Opportunity: India Open Grants Fund by Paul Hamlyn Foundation

This Fund seeks to meet our strategic aim to enable vulnerable communities living in priority geographical areas to improve their lives.

Many communities in India have inherent strengths which are often overlooked when modern development frameworks are used to view them. They have closely knit societies, progressive views and approaches to resource utilisation and sustainability, and are extremely conscious of their relationship with the environment. Their traditional knowledge has relevance to modern ways of living.

But communities also face many challenges with inequality of opportunity, driven by a combination of social and systemic drivers that can be difficult to overcome without the right support. The opening up of spaces, development of infrastructure, particularly roads, and the modern development process have all caused shifts for local communities.

Movements, over time, of people to urban centres, driven by economic forces, have also transported some of these issues to urban centres. Urban development concerns emerge largely around building a balance between the hugely important roles that newly arrived communities have and will play and the ability of urban centres to provide for them.

For information about the grant and applying for it, visit link.

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