Funding Opportunity: Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) Grant Programme

About the Organization

Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) was established in 1974 as Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation with the goal of eradicating Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, from the world. Its co-founders were Mr. Ryoichi Sasakawa (1899-1995), the founder of The Nippon Foundation, who served as SHF’s first president, and Professor Morizo Ishidate (1901-1996), known as the father of chemotherapy for Hansen’s disease in Japan, who became SHF’s first chair.

About the Program

Through its grant program, Sasakawa Health Foundation is promoting projects to build a society where Hansen’s disease (leprosy) is not deemed an issue, discrimination and stigma do not exist, and persons affected by Hansen’s disease can receive the treatment and services they need. In FY2023, we are supporting projects in three areas: tackling disease, fighting discrimination, and preserving history.

The application period depends on when the projects begin.


Applicants must be non-profit organizations and may include educational and research institutions. Sasakawa Health Foundation (SHF) does not accept applications from, nor provide grants to, individuals or for-profit organizations.
How to apply

Please submit your proposal by filling out the Grant Application Form (online) . You can download Draft Form 【Excel】to prepare your application. We will acknowledge receipt of each application and be in touch again within 21 days, only if we are interested in learning more. Re-submission of previously rejected proposals is not accepted.

To apply, please visit:

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