Funding Opportunity: Shiv Nadar Foundation Quiet Innovators Program

Quiet Innovators by Shiv Nadar Foundation and campaign partner The Better India is a contest dedicated to highlighting the efforts of India’s brilliant innovators in the fields of educationhealth, sustainability and social causes. With a total prize of Rs 4 Lakhs for the top four winners, the contest is meant to provide a platform to the innovators to showcase their work, which has the potential to create large-scale social change.

  • Innovation in Education
    • Recognizing innovations aimed at enhancing student learning and supporting educators.
  • Innovation for Social Cause
    • Acknowledging initiatives that leverage technology to address social issues and benefit the broader community.
  • Innovation for Health & Wellness
    • Highlighting technological advancements dedicated to improving community health and fostering overall wellness.
  • Innovation for Sustainability
    • Recognizing technological breakthroughs focused on promoting sustainable living and environmentally conscious practices.
  • 1 winner from each of the 4 categories will receive a prize money of Rs. 1 lakh each.
Who can participate?
  • Participation is open to all Indian citizens above the age of 18.
  • Each participant can register only once.
  • You can participate as individuals, Group/startups and NGOs.

For more information, visit: Link

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