Funding Opportunity: Van Tienhoven Foundation Project Grant

The Van Tienhoven Foundation (co-)sponsors projects with a maximum of €10,000 through an annual call for proposals. The next call opens on 1 January 2023 and the last date for submission is 31 January 2023 (midnight, CET). Organisations with a track record in species protection, ecosystem protection and/or community managed nature protection are welcomed.

Eligibility Criteria:

We use the following eligibility criteria and only accept applications:

  • From not-for-profit organisations, that are registered as legal bodies (NGOs and scientific institutions). We don’t accept applications from government bodies, private companies or individuals.
  • Not-for-profit organisations must have a bank account in their organisations name, and able to receive international funds.
  • Only one application per organisation will be taken into consideration for each call for proposals. If an organisation has been given a grant before, a final report must have been submitted for any project previously supported by the Van Tienhoven Foundation. An organisation can be supported for a maximum of three times within eight years.
  • From organisations with a track record in species protection, ecosystem protection and/or community managed nature protection, that can be demonstrated by background documentation (e.g. websites, social media, annual and/or final project delivery reports).
  • Implemented in developing countries, predominantly following the most recent DAC list of ODA Recipients.
  • With costs based on local rates. Costs of salaries and consultancy fees based on rates outside the countries of implementation are not covered. Travel costs (from) outside the countries of implementation are not covered. The purchase of vehicles (e.g. cars, boats) is not supported. We do not support overhead costs.
  • Where actions are not part of a study leading to any academic title and/or aimed at delivering a book.
  • Of projects that have not started yet at the time of submission and with a project time span of two years maximum.
  • Projects requesting a maximum budget of €10,000 euro from the Van Tienhoven Foundation and a total project budget of no more than €50,000 euro. Applicants have to indicate co-funding in the budget if applicable. If projects are to be co-sponsored by the Van Tienhoven Foundation, a financing plan has to be added which includes incontestable evidence of subsidies already applied for and awarded by other organisations.
  • That are submitted before the designated submission deadline and that contain a completely filled out online application form of the Van Tienhoven Foundation.

To Apply, visit: link

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