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About NGO Scheme

The Central Government and State Governments implement a number of schemes for the welfare & development of STs. However, VOs/NGOs also play an important role in enhancing the reach of Government Schemes and in filling the critical gaps of service deficient tribal areas. While governmental efforts are supplemented through VOs/NGOs to achieve the ultimate objective of delivery of services to remote and unreached tribal areas, the standard of services provided is equally important. Each partner VO/NGO is, therefore, expected to strive towards delivery of quality services.

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs implements the following schemes for the socio economic and educational development of STs through State Societies/VOs/NGOs which supplement Governmental efforts :-

  • Grants-in-aid to Voluntary Organisations (VOs) working for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes .
  • Strengthening Education Among ST Girls in Low Literacy Districts.

Opportunity Alert : Ministry of Tribal Affairs) has invited proposals for Grant-in-Aid to voluntary organisations/NGOs working for the welfare of STs.

Last date of proposal is 12 March 2023.

Broad Sectors: Education, Health Care, and Livelihood (Skill Development)

Grant Details

1) Residential School – Grant 40 Lacs

2) Non Residential School – Grant 35 Lacs

3) Hostel – Grant 25 Lacs

4) Mobile Dispensary – Grant 35 Lacs

5) Ten or more Bedded Hospital – Grant 75 Lacs

6) Livelihood – Grant 60 Lacs

7) North Eastern Girls Sponsorship – Grant 7.5 Lacs

1. The applicant organisation must get registered with the NGO-Darpan portal of NITI Aayog.
2. The applicant organisation should have at least three years of work experience in the concerned area.
3. The organisation needs to be registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act.

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